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  1. It's not a horrible name, but it just sounds like an adult. I struggle to see how anybody looks at a baby and thinks "he looks just like a Nigel!".
  2. How's that any different from how they're being run at the moment?
  3. It's hard to answer as I am sure actually having that money would change the way I think. But I think I'd keep £40m ish for myself and give the rest away to family and friends. I can't see how I'd ever spend £40m and I could change the lives of everyone I love with the other £140m. But I'd probably end up paying for cocaine and hookers. And just waste the rest.
  4. Same, I assumed it was a comment from a random 15er. What an embarrassment Barton is.
  5. Look, I know that comment was Born of Frustration but just Sit Down or go out and get Laid.
  6. My brother lives about 400m from there...if he wasn't such a technophobe then I'd be asking questions. I think I've only ever been in there once. About 20 years ago when they had a hypnotist in, we thought it'd be funny to get ourselves hypnotised but it didn't work on most of us and I suspect the couple that it did work on were just messing about.
  7. I've not been there in years, but the Bag of Nails seems like my sort of pub. https://www.bristol247.com/food-and-drink/news-food-and-drink/pub-landlord-pens-signs-to-persuade-punters-to-purchase-pints/?fbclid=IwAR0EzkbfT2TNItqXhJa03q8eRTGO1FQViLKIJj0UAZXPHg7iX0nJpvpgBvU
  8. Maybe they mean this Edward Howe? If he can lead 7 ships aground, then I'm sure he can do a better job than Barton. Even though he's dead.
  9. Still only 5 points off the play offs. They are definitely coming for us.
  10. Fighting is exactly why it was banned.
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