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  1. I don't think we should sign him, but watching this makes me think we should give him a 50 year contract, make him Mayor of the city and let him take his pick from any of our wives/girlfriends.
  2. Cressida Dick's name always makes me laugh.
  3. Great interview and I really liked Noble, he's always seemed a lot less guarded and media trained than a lot of modern players. Which makes for a better interview. I really want to hear more in-depth interviews with players who played under Steve Evans now.
  4. There's an ex-President of Nigeria who has the fantastic name "Goodluck Jonathan".
  5. Spoilsport. Ok then, David Bowie in Zoolander.
  6. That's the main issue for me. Countries that rely on slave labour shouldn't even be considered for prestige events like the Olympics or World Cup.
  7. The whole podcast is great but the "cider with" interviews are my favourite. I can't wait for another one.
  8. 23 December 2023 A giant meteorite has been spotted heading towards Earth.
  9. My missus bought a Moto G8 and is very happy with it. It's not an iPhone or Samsung, but it's very impressive for under £200.
  10. Yeah I remember. A mate of mine couldn't take the utter silence on the tube train and just said "why the hell aren't any of you celebrating? We'd be going ******* mental!". They sort of weakly smiled and went back to looking depressed about winning.
  11. Spot on. The 15ers are insane to still be harping on about our play off final. We were 90 minutes away from the top division, they will never get anywhere near a game like that. There's no real reason for Hull to dislike us, although the odd fan probably does.
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