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  1. Living For The Weekend - Hard-Fi
  2. I read that and thought "I wouldn't want to be black listed!" And then I remembered I haven't been to Glastonbury since 1995.
  3. Fog on the Tyne - Lindisfarne
  4. Ahh that makes sense. I was thinking it'd be worth it if you couldn't get a ticket (same cost) but not worth being blacklisted forever! Yeah, in that case it's really not worth losing your actual job! A fake illness on the Monday morning though....
  5. I'm not saying he would do this, but what's to stop him just walking off and leaving?
  6. Whine and Grine - Prince Buster
  7. Apparently he was going to stay in Bristol and make a night of it. But then he decided that Sunday night is not alright for fighting.
  8. Loved Elbow's set.
  9. Yeah she's got better, but still up and down. But then, she is 78 (or 47 as she just claimed ) and is putting on a good show.
  10. But how many are locked out #gasbantz
  11. It looks a lot of fun and there's a ton of atmosphere, but Diana Ross really can't sing anymore.
  12. Same. I never disliked the Beatles but it's only over the last few years I've come to appreciate their greatness.
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