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  1. We do, the people on the Bristol City not606 forum are very very angry with us.
  2. Automatic promotion looks guaranteed!
  3. But why do you care? If a Rotherham (random team) fan was on a Brighton forum kissing arse by slagging off Crystal Palace, I really wouldn't care.
  4. I'll tell you one thing, if City were currently 4th in the Premier League, I wouldn't be posting on a mid table Championship side's forum. Especially if it was to moan that a League Two fan was posting abuse about another League Two club.
  5. It's hilarious that a Brighton fan is on here moaning that a Swindon fan is posting here.
  6. How are we getting there? I think we should cycle as I want to ride my bicycle.
  7. I would much rather have A Night At The Opera. And I hate opera.
  8. The Mem looks like it was (repeatedly) struck by lightning, maybe you assumed Wycombe paid Thor to destroy the Mem?
  9. I can't remember exactly, but it was something to do with Wycombe playing a player that was unregistered or suspended? I think that happened in the season before the 15ers got relegated to the Conference. I think the 15ers tried to say Wycombe should be docked points instead of getting a fine. Which was just bloody silly.
  10. I've always thought that in a fight he wouldn't necessarily be that strong a fighter, but that he just wouldn't stop. You could knock him down over and over again but he'd keep getting up. Eventually he'd crush you through sheer bloody mindedness.
  11. Barton's Rovers Facing Conference.
  12. 60,000! They genuinely believe they could be as big as Celtic or Arsenal.
  13. There are too many United clubs. I got bored and thought I best put "etc" before I ended up with Maidenhead.
  14. I expect fans of West Ham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Oxford, Rotherham, etc feel the same about Man U just being called "United".
  15. I think they usually get called Pripyat.
  16. All true. I was thinking of Port Vale, but you covered that in c).
  17. I guess it's inevitable when there are no other competitive teams in this city.
  18. In their heads, this is what the 15ers think happens at home games with the locked out fans.
  19. It blows my mind that Ice T and Boycie were mates. And that's a great video
  20. He's right, it is a bloody strange thing to wear.
  21. Greavsie and Boycie on the same day?
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