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  1. If Semenyo leaves we are back to square one imo. Pearson has been open in his tactic of playing on the break. You need players with genuine pace to make that work. AS is our key player to making this work. If he is sold we will need a similar replacement as no-one else in the squad has pace.
  2. It does worry me a bit if those are the 3 CBs for next season. They all have their strengths but none has any real pace. Maybe kalas with two of them may work but I wouldn't call him quick either. Not sure nige can afford another CB if we sign Klose and Cundy.
  3. I have hope because we are attacking SS in the second half. For some reason I never expect us to score at the Atyeo end.
  4. I bet Steve is glad he didn't just sit on his HL shares now. They have gone from over £24 a couple of years ago to under a tenner now. We know he has diversified out of HL, not just spent it on Bristol Sport. Still, I believe he still owns something like 6% of HL, so a not inconsiderable loss for him. I'm sure he can still pay his heating bill though.
  5. Everyone knows it and has done for years. Not sure why another report was needed. Just frustrating that nobody will change the obviously broken system.
  6. Apologies, I should try scrolling a bit more before typing
  7. I was interested in NP's post match comments to Bristol Live where he said they totally changed the system for defending set pieces. Maybe @Davefevs or one of our other experts on here could give us some insight on that? It seems we were more solid in that regard. Let's hope they have found an answer to that issue at least. Just need to stop giving away goals in the last ten minutes and we're sorted.
  8. The sky commentator pointed out that Barnsley had a very young team whereas ours was about average for the Championship. I think he said their average age was 24 and ours 27. Not fact checked that myself. I appreciate we have a young/old age disttribution which affects the average. However, we certainly can't claim inconsistency due to it being a team full of youngsters.
  9. I'm now beginning to believe the theory that Shakespeare was doing all the coaching at Leicester and Steve Walsh found the players. Leaving you wondering if it was actually just lucky for Nige to have them doing all the work. I can't understand how a decent coach would end up with a consistently disorganised shambles of a defence.
  10. It's interesting that he says the structure made it difficult but that Nige came in and made changes. It wasn't him that got rid of Ashton. So I wonder what he is referring to in terms of structural changes. Perhaps the fact they had too many coaches and no-one knew who did what?
  11. Semenyo has been a bit off colour the last two games. Maybe a rest would do him good, as it did for Martin. I would rather experiment in away games though, as the results can't get much worse. At least we have been picking up points at AG.
  12. No chance that FIFA would sacrifice the revenue from the Qatar tournament to keep Russia in. They may just wriggle for long enough though to build up enough pressure in Europe for some change post- Qatar.
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