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  1. I don't think Scott did himself any favours the last time he started. He seemed to struggle to make any impact and I think Nige may want to ease him back in from the bench.
  2. I'm not expecting any points from the next two games. If we can't beat Barnsley at AG, I may start to get upset with Nige.
  3. Why are we always so bad after an international break? Puzzling.
  4. Gregor has nailed it in his article on the match today - here's a quote. "The reason why things are not going right on their own patch is easy to see why". That boy can really write. His amazing insight is - we don't score enough goals.
  5. Bournemouth unbeaten... City not won at home since the Jurassic period (feels like). Given the way football works, nailed on shock home win. I can only hope.
  6. Not sure what Mount adds to the team but he seems to be a favourite son of Southgate's.
  7. I think there is a bit of wishful thinking in there. COD has had reasonably long runs in the team and imo has failed to deliver much. Yes he is a natural wide player who CAN run forward with the ball. However he invariably stops and turns backwards or falls over under a weak challenge, looking for a freekick he'll never get. I just think he doesn't have the quality and we'd be better off moving him on.
  8. I thought we would be near the bottom before the season started so am pleasantly surprised by the progress made. City are better to watch and seem to have more about them. What bodes well, I feel, is that Atkinson and Tanner look like good signings. Both have gone straight into the side and done well. I was fed up with the Ashton/LJ 'young ones-for-the-future' recruitment where we wasted so much on signings who hardly played. I trust Nige will spend whatever is available wisely. It's a bit maddening though that we waited until we were broke to get someone in who knows how to get value for money.
  9. Need to work on the production values chaps. I struggled to hear Ian (for some reason that didn't upset me ). Gave up when Mark started opining from what sounded like a wind tunnel. I appreciate it must be harder when you do it live though.
  10. Good first half by the sound of it. That's pretty much what you get every season from COD. One good half. Will not be sorry to see him leave.
  11. We've been failing to stop teams getting crosses in for about 3 seasons. I can't understand why successive coaches have failed to sort this weakness. Not just down to one or two players.
  12. Both Weiman and Martin were put through on goal and neither of them actually got a shot in. Sums up our strikeforce for me. Nige said it will take time and until we get some quality in up front we'll carry on being frustrating to watch.
  13. Try counting up how many negative comments are made compared to positive. Nearly all moans.
  14. God, can't believe how negative this thread is. We're doing ok.
  15. I heard Gregor was going on holiday but he seems to have gone silent for quite a few weeks. Everything from the BP is coming from James Piercy. Any chance Nige has cost him his job as he did seem out of his depth when dealing with him?
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