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  1. How does he manage to hit the woodwork so often? Seems his shots are magnetically attracted to it.
  2. I don't read it as TB being lazy or disinterested. More that he thinks he should be playing, only wants to play in his 'best' position, and whines about being left out. Not good for team spirit and a big contrast with Scott who Nige praised for being willing to play wherever the team needs him most. Ty seems to be a bit of a me-me-me whinger was my take on his comments.
  3. Coincided with Martin not starting which seems more likely to be the reason imo. Bents was aiming for his head, Max isn't because Semenyo is now there. I'd go with DB as the better keeper, I'm sure he could pass it out if no longer under instruction to boot it at CM.
  4. Sounds a bit like Owura Edwards. Presumably seen as better than him as not deemed good enough for our squad and loaned out.
  5. Injury time equalizer assisted by him too. Great end to the game.
  6. Caulker starts for Sierra Leone. Wow he's had an 'interesting' career.
  7. I remember thinking the same when he scored a similar goal at Millwall last season. It wasn't the start of an amazing scoring streak. Unfortunately I think the odds are that today will be a one-off great day, as that was last season. AS has pace and power but I'm not sure he will ever be a consistent goal scorer. Great to have someone in the team though that can be exciting to watch on his day.
  8. Can't see what O'Leary has done to lose his place. I also think Nige might want Andy King to get a run in the team.
  9. GJ play off season was my favourite since the old First Division days - closely followed by SC in L1. GJ built a side with spirit and that season I felt like they had a chance against anyone. How could anyone find that boring?
  10. Hope Cundy is on the road back to full fitness in the near future. It would be interesting to see if he is good enough to become part of the first team squad.
  11. Keinan Davis looked equally poor for Forest. Grabban did more in five minutes than he did all game. I guess he hasn't played much recently to be fair.
  12. Only listening but sounded like we are on top. How many times have we started well, not taken our chances and paid for it in the second half? Low crowd suggests a lot of the fans are a bit apathetic about city at this point. Sad to see how far backwards we have gone in that respect.
  13. Sorry but we've played quite a few home games like that and ended up losing. A good opening 20 minutes without taking chances. Followed by losing control of the match and conceding late goals. The ref was hopelessly biased, we should've had a penalty and King was a prize turnip for getting a red. However even though there seem to be excuses it doesn't change the fact that there is a pattern there. Keep losing games to late goals and we won't necessarily be safe.
  14. Could easily be COD and Tanner at wing back. NP seems to have settled on a back 3 tecently.
  15. I think Eddie Howe was a bad choice by Newcastle. No doubt they will try to buy safety in January but they may find it harder than they expect.
  16. I'm not sure 'cash in' would be the right phrase for the ex-Chelsea pair, more 'give away' or 'get shot'. Can't see any incoming cash there.
  17. Martin off and Pring on please. CP LWB, Benarous into AW spot, AW up front with Semenyo
  18. I'm currently involved in an NHS programme that matches new positive PCR cases to centrally held records of the more vulnerable (immuno-compromised etc) and arranges a clinical review to deliver either anti-viral or monoclonal antibody treatment. The idea being to improve the odds of avoiding serious illness. This is a national programme to maximise the impact of these new medications. I'm not clinical so can't comment on their effectiveness. I'm just one of the backroom managers in the NHS that Daily Mail readers hate but are trying to organise things like this.
  19. He doesn't really say anything. It's his classic Young Mr Grace speech. For those too young to get that 'you' re all doing very well'. I don't read anything much into it.
  20. Didn't Nige say back in August that he didn't expect to do much, if any, business in January? I remember him saying he was happy with the squad he had for the season. Obviously managers often trot this out without really meaning it but I don't think Nige does. There was talk from Gould about the need to bring plans forward but that was when we looked in danger of slipping into a relegation fight. Things have steadied so it would seem sensible to go back to Plan A.
  21. What an absolute stitch up that was. Too many F1 races are decided by race controllers, rather than the skill of the drivers and car designers. They appear to do things deliberately to manufacture controversy and therefore headlines.
  22. Last time I couldn't wait to get to a game was the SC promotion season. Knowing there was a good chance we would be better than the opposition and probably score a few goals was a big incentive to go. So sadly I have concluded that I must be a bit of a glory hunter. Not quite sure how that can be after forty odd years when we have won next to nothing. So to answer the original question, I don't really know but I think the main thing is having a side I think is likely to score a few goals and has some players that excite is the main thing. Both of which are missing atm.
  23. Listening to Nige on RB he sounded as unimpressed as some posters on here. Saying he can't understand players turning down chances to shoot, especially in the first half. Certainly sounds in tune with a lot of comments from the fanbase. I still think he is the man to sort us out.
  24. Only one point behind us but deserving of the sack. Nige is getting a lot more slack from SL. Which isn't unusual for him tbh.
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