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  1. I'm guessing stubbing out your fag on a young player's eye just doesn't reach the bar set for violence at their club.
  2. Not sure how MKD didn't equalise after Bentley save. I would suggest, despite our pressing, they have probably had enough chances to at least be level. Not sure you would class our defence as 'solid', more like fortunate.
  3. Does anyone know if a new card is needed for Membership this season? They did charge for postage so I'm guessing they will send a new one.
  4. When you look at the wage bill for last season with no gate receipts then £10 does seem a bit inconsequential.
  5. I don't think what I'm saying is rocket science but maybe it wasn't clear. Once everyone who is going to has been double-jabbed, there is less need for a passport. It makes more sense to restrict the crowd to vaccinated people when a third still haven't been done. Delaying it because you don't want to discriminate against those who haven't had chance yet is illogical. It means you lose the beneficial effects now and bring it in when the benefit is marginal. I realise it is just a lever to get more people to get jabbed but this is just the wrong way to go imo.
  6. I'm wondering about the Blackpool game as already have tickets. HMG are saying large events may need a passport arrangement but only from September. This seems crazy, bonkers, whatever word you want to insert for illogical. I can see there may be a reason now when 66% are fully jabbed. By end Sept it will probably be 85-90%. So why have all the hassle of a check starting then when the population have pretty much all got the best protection they are ever gonna get from covid? Surely more logical to require it now and stop once the vaccine rollout finishes. The only reason for announcing it seems to be to bounce young people into getting a jab. What a cowardly way to do it, causing chaos to businesses. If they want everyone to be jabbed then politicians should have the balls to mandate it rather than create chaos for businesses.
  7. I was on a coach which had a brick put through a window on our way out of North London. Didn't spoil what are great memories of that day.
  8. I totally agree that he waited too long to make subs. I was saying that after about 55 mins. However I'm not sure that the evidence you cite proves anything. Teams sitting on a 1-0 lead and losing the initiative will often lift themselves when they lose that lead. For me it is more about mentality and approach of the players than tactics. We've seen England do exactly the same thing at previous tournaments. Get ahead then freeze and stop playing their own game. It is almost the English football disease. Lack of self belief and allowing the opposition to impose themselves on us. That's why it is so frustrating as it almost feels like an in-built national weakness.
  9. Can't answer that without considering who might replace him. You have to say his record is impressive. I think we have had far better players with previously successful coaches who haven't done this well. It maybe that he learns from this tournament and can adapt the style to focus a bit more on the attacking flair in the squad. I'd give him Qatar to see if he can but then we will probably move on.
  10. This was our chance. At home in rainy London. Anyone thinking we have a better chance next time, when our youngsters have developed a bit more, is forgetting the conditions. England have always struggled to play abroad in blistering heat. Even in the winter Qatar will be hard to adapt to for our players. Those from hotter climtes will have some advantage.
  11. Absolutely no way Southgate will not be offered a new contract. Not sure I can think of an obvious replacement but that second half was just so predictable. England did exactly the same thing as in the Croatia SF. Sat too deep and let the other team have the initiative. GS took way too long to make subs and has to take some of the blame. Kane and Sterling were ineffective and I hate penalty shootouts as our players are not mentally strong enough to win them. I expect GS to carry on until the WC when we get a less favourable draw, we go out early and he gets the sack. All depressingly predictable.
  12. That WAS our time and I'm sorry but our cautious manager blew it.
  13. Forget the penalties. Italy dominated the second half and Southgate didn't have the balls to use our subs until it was too late. He totally blew that tactically.
  14. Spot on. The tackle on Kane also looked like it should've been a penalty to me anyway.
  15. You have summed up how I feel almost exactly. My worry is the Italians will put in a few early smash tackles on Sterling, knowing if they do it early enough they'll get away with a yellow. I think he would be the one who could win it for us, given his form in this tournament.
  16. It could, and I hope it does. I believe NP could do well if given enough time. However he may not be able to move on some of these players who are not 'with the programme' that easily. Which could hamper his attempts at building the spirit he wants. I still feel we could be in for a very tough season. Despite all the positives about Nige our performances at the end of last season were pretty dire. Massive turnaround required.
  17. I'd rather focus on how well Sterling has played than the penalty decision. He has been frightening defenders to death with his pace and was still going well into ET while the Denmark players were knackered. He has had a great tournament.
  18. I felt Spain would be vulnerable to crosses in the air, which is the way we scored three of our four against Ukraine. Italy will soak those up all night. I would've preferred Spain as I thought Italy were the team to beat right from their first game. Will be exciting though to see what happens if we win tomorrow.
  19. Ref has been very good. Players constantly going down just outside the penaly area, for both sides, and he hasn't been suckered by either of them.
  20. I still think Italy are the best team I've seen at the tournament. We could do with them picking up a few more injuries . Whether Wembley will be an advantage or will inhibit our players against a team who could outplay us remains to be seen. If we go behind and the crowd gets nervous I have seen England of the past fall apart. Just hope this side is mentally strong enough to deliver.
  21. Finished in '79 myself and went off to uni.
  22. Although I want England to win it, I have to say I really admire the way Italy have played. Best TEAM in the competition by a country mile.
  23. Sure I've seen worse tackles ignored in other games. Prem ref ruins game, no surprise there.
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