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  1. I would like to see us improve on last season's 51 points and 19th place finish as that way we can say there has been a little bit of progress
  2. Surprised how watford are being written off. They have some very winnable fixtures on paper. Home to all of Everton, Leeds, Burnley and Brentford
  3. Makes a nice change from the are we going down thread. I reckon we'll end up with 52-56 points, which will be good enough for 16th-18th
  4. So realistically the best case is do a Bolton? Back-to back relegations, completely new squad and then rebuild in L2
  5. I work in market research. This is what we would call a voodoo poll. Problem 1 is that the poll is open to anyone on the internet. You have no way of validating that the people who completed actually support BCFC Problem 2 is that these polls are easily gamed. Imagine that Bristol Live runs a survey on Scottish independence. An SNP supporter sees it and tweets the link. The result show 95% of Bristolians support Scottish Independence. The sample size is fine. If I was doing a proper survey, I would probably go for a lower sample size of say 100-200 or it would be very expensive (it would likely be very expensive anyway unless the club was involved and could use their database). So treat as a bit of fun.
  6. Derby in big trouble now. 8 points behind with only 13 games left
  7. Weird time to go. If it wasn't for Derby's and Reading's deductions they would already be sunk without trace
  8. Good win - but why do we always give away a late goal?
  9. Will be disappointed if we play an understrength team. Marooned in mid-table so might as well prioritise the cup.
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