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  1. Ok we are 3-0 down so it makes no difference. But imagine a world cup final getting sent off for a 2nd yellow for that. VAR is a shit show but that takes one look and surely that can be over turned.
  2. Difference is Tomlin was more than decent on loan. Palmer really didn’t show anything of note.
  3. That shouldn’t even need to be said
  4. Imagine saying it’s a success because a player doesn’t get assaulted. Lowest of low standards
  5. Yeah apart from the peckers breaking the goal posts and the countless smoke flares.
  6. To be fair to the club there have been multiple emails and you have had all season to use the balance…
  7. You have just set the bar about as low as you possibly could just to force a way in to praise Pearson…. Good work.
  8. I agree that some of the comparisons are with managers who were in a different league but it still doesn’t look good. The old trusty ‘he has a poor squad’ only stacks up when you play a team with a better one…. Peterborough do not have a better squad than us, so that excuse is taken away. We were still pathetic so it’s not all down to the squad. What a day to put in a performance like that when season ticket sales just up for renewal.
  9. What a way to get all the ‘happy clappers’ spitting feathers. How dare you attempt to show Pearson in a bad light
  10. Thats always the answer though. Who else? Thats not what i am asking. Not heard anyone give good reasons to how he has a proven track record. If you don’t know just say that.
  11. Ok nobody is denying what he did with Leicester isn’t a big big tick. But you wouldn’t appoint Holloway purely on him taking Blackpool up playing some very very good football. I struggle to see what else he has done to prove he is the man? I am not trying to be argumentative i just can’t see it from his record. I have struggled from day one to see it, so would probably be chucked in the “pearson out” category. I want nothing more than to sign the next vardy/kante/mahrez but we have f all money so can’t see him being able to do it.
  12. You would still get the same defense of pearson from the same people after the utter s**t show of barnsley away.
  13. People say pearson has though?
  14. That last sentence is always in my head. I struggle to get my head around the “great track record” line that gets dished out.
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