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  1. Imagine you saying OTIB is predictable
  2. I know i am not one of the Pearson out crew just yet. But trying to understand all the hype. Not trying to be argumentative just never fully got it.
  3. My point is people come back to rebuilding leicester. I can see that part of his record but what else makes him the man? I am actually interested because i just don’t see what else makes his CV so impressive. Any other manager on a run like this gets rightly crucified.
  4. No but holloway got blackpool promoted? Would people want him.
  5. Not as far as i know. Leicester is the only one as far as i can tell. Not as far as i know. Leicester is the only one as far as i can tell.
  6. I know Leicester but where else has he done it?
  7. It seems like for the moment a small (loud) minority are blaming Pearson. Many still keeping the faith
  8. This isn’t aimed at you but i have thought it since day one. Probably should start a thread of it’s own. Why do people believe Pearson is the man for us? I am not having a dig just genuinely interested.
  9. VAR can get in the bin. Kasey Palmers goal against Fulham get’s ruled out aswell through VAR. Over a season they roughly level out.
  10. Thats how i seen it. No eyes for the ball just a blatant block.
  11. James body checked their right back (i think). 2nd half
  12. You think if one of their defenders completely checked/barged one of our players miles off the ball in the box you would be saying that. I get seeing a game through rose tinted glasses but thats a penalty all day long
  13. They should also of had a penalty so i think they evened themselves out.
  14. Do all people affected with colour blindness have the same colour clashes?
  15. Makes me glad we havn’t tried it. Knowing city they would go way over ffp and still not get it right. End up with all sorts of sanctions and end up in deep s**t. Lower mid table in the championship seems acceptable rather than that
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