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  1. Interesting video, can't seem to find many older videos of City online. Unlike the title there doesn't seem to be much aggro in the crowd in those days! Anyone know what's with the small car next to the pitch?
  2. Any streams available for today?
  3. When was Dolman the chairman?
  4. His T-shirt exemplifies all that's wrong with football. How can an 18 year old who's never played a first team game and is a long way down the pecking order afford to buy a £220 T-shirt?
  5. Never heard of it, must be showing my age! It looks like the kind of top you can pick up for a tenner at Primark.
  6. An interesting choice of clothing to show you've signed your first pro contract.
  7. Looks as if this is going to be the best batch of players coming through together since Coles, Matty Hill, Doc, Burnell etc under Danny Wilson.
  8. I could barely listen to his voice for more than a few minutes before I had to switch it off. Ipswich Town fans are in love with him according to the comments though!
  9. I can't see him and Paul Cook being best buddies!
  10. This just epitomises him and his own self-importance.
  11. Mr X

    Weston game

    Do we know what the City squad was for the game at Weston?
  12. Pearson wanted to strengthen the spine of the team so I'm going for a triple signing of John Terrier, Jack Growlish and Emile Husky.
  13. I'm sure these three new signings can't be as bad as some of the dross signed in the last couple of years.
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