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  1. Lansdown is never going to invest heavily in the playing squad as the last time he did that in the Championship we ended up getting relegated by about 15 points. Lansdown will have seen clubs like Huddersfield get promoted without much investment and automatically assume City can do the same. He also won’t want a big name manager e.g. Coppell as he’ll challenge the status quo too much.
  2. Outside bet on Downsy being the internal appointment as manager?
  3. I think Lansdown will only appoint someone who wants to the come to the club entirely of their own accord. I think he’s still got his fingers burnt a bit from the last time he had to ‘Sell the Club’ to bring in a manager with Coppell.
  4. Mr X

    Nicky Hunt

    Have you seen the player he’s leaving for dead in the photo in the article?
  5. Mr X

    Nicky Hunt

    Can’t believe he’s still playing! https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/conference-premier/31090/darlington-land-ex-premier-league-star-nicky-hunt-after-crewe-heroics/
  6. If you want a left field appointment get on the phone and ask Xavi if he wants to try his hand at managing a club in Europe before Barca. Not quite sure we can afford to pay as much as he gets in Qatar at the moment though!
  7. It’ll be interesting to see if McAllister leaves at the end of the season as Holden surely will do and sticks around. Not sure I could call it either way at the moment.
  8. Mr X

    Steve Coppell

    I went to a pre-season game under him at Torquay and they were hands down the better side.
  9. The Club need to appoint someone who actively wants to manage us. They shouldn’t go out of their way to approach a ‘big name’ and try to sell the club to them. Last time that happened it didn’t go too well with Coppell. If the club has to sell itself then you know the manager’s heart isn’t really in it.
  10. Wasn’t GJ a success? Got us promoted and did a lot better than Cotts when in the Championship.
  11. Lee has the contacts so expect him to shortly be announced as the new assistant head coach at RB Leipzig/Hoffenheim or similar!
  12. Hopefully one additional bonus of LJ going is they’ll get rid of Seven Nation Army!
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