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  1. April 74 v Rovers Gloucester cup Aged 8 Stood in the East end with my Dad and elder brothers, watched us lose 0-2. I remember watching the Rovers fans tearing down a flagpole in the middle of the open end and thinking what a bunch of *****.......nothing changes !!
  2. Totally embarrassing how we will have to rely on Rotherham losing to stay up. Utterly spineless, brainless bunch of individuals.
  3. Pearson should hang this lot out to dry - absolute shambles again. That performance was totally unacceptable, these players showed no spirit or fight for the club. Hunt, Lansbury were embarrassing today for professional footballers. How many times did they just hoof the ball down the pitch and out play. Perhaps they should train on this pitch and get familiar with it, rather than some sterile environment they have laughably called a High performance centre......Do me a favour
  4. All I can say Mr Landsdown, is listen to the overwhelming majority of the fan base and get a manager who can somehow motivate and lead this absolute shower of a Professional football team. The players look lost and confused, which stems from abysmal leadership. You as the owner must act now and stop the rot or for sure we’ll be playing league one again next season.
  5. I’m literally lost for words at how pathetic we have become
  6. Being totally outplayed by Barnsley. Make no mistake we are in deep sh1t
  7. For me players like Wells epitomise what’s wrong at City - he and quite a few others just don’t give a toss. The marking today has been of a poor non league standard. These players should feel ashamed of themselves today - they’ve let our great club down massively
  8. Watford commentator saying this is like watching a First team v reserves on a Friday afternoon. i have never been so embarrassed and angry watching My team play and trust me I’ve seen some shit over the years
  9. Absolute shambles of a football club - these players and staff should hang their heads in shame. Mr Lansdown, We the fans have seen this coming for months, why haven’t you?? Dean Holden and coaching staff are so far out of their depth it’s unbelievable.
  10. To quote Holden pre-match “The lads are really up for this one”. Well Dean they clearly weren’t. That was another shocking home display with no evidence of a game plan or anything really. Our lack of composure and tactical awareness is clear for anyone to see. Surely Lansdown must act now and get rid of Holden and look to build for next season. To show no attacking threat game after game is unacceptable. This has to stop NOW.
  11. Well that’s the last £10 bcfc are getting from me for a while. I Can’t be arsed to watch that crap. If the team and management can’t be bothered neither can I.
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