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  1. Depends on whether NP trusts Cundy and Moore. Towler still around too at the minute. If he does there is no need to rush another defender in. Counting on players staying fit rather than having 3 options everywhere.
  2. I think it is refreshing. Does not matter how much you went for or how much you are on. You get picked on merit in NP opinion. I really like Kalas but we bought him after a fantastic season next to Webster. He hasn’t been close to that since Webster left. Kalas needs to up his game. With amortisation, it is a lot easier to break even or show a small profit. If we bought for 8m on a 4 year deal that is a 2m a season plus wages. He is halfway through that so if we sold for 4m that would cover the 2m a season plus we get the big wages off the books. That is the simplistic version of it not 100% accurate but an example. Yes it looks like a 4m loss but we also got 2 years of play and that costs. Would leave us lightish. Still have Vyner, Moore and Cundy. Probably wouldn’t like to rely on them for a large portion of the season but capable in short spells with Cundy perhaps being a wildcard. Plus only need to get to January in a bad situation where we can look at a loan there. Just don’t think we would desperately need one in if Kalas went.
  3. I think we need someone with pace. Southampton have a young lad who has looked useful with lots of pace named Obafemi. Not a great goal scoring record but plays in premier league. The problem? They want 6m for him. We don’t have the ability to do that at the minute. Most championship clubs can’t afford that. So I think it needs to be kept in mind that transfer fees are staying about the same but there is a lot less money about at the minute. I’d love a striker but why rush it and get it wrong this summer and be stuck with someone? Think we need to stay up and build a strong foundation. Let us see where that puts us in January and next summer as we probably aren’t a striker away from playoff contention.
  4. Yep no rush with scott and he would be a nightmare to defend last 20 min against tired legs. Start him in the cup and use him as an impact sub for now. The season is long and he will get opportunities to start. We don’t have to be ultra cautious but we also do not have to flog him.
  5. Idk about pies but the sausage roll I had was badly overcooked. 4 quid for burnt pastry which destroyed the taste of the sausage.
  6. I prefer Massengo to Nagy. Not seen enough of Williams but right about King. He was ok today I thought but just ok. Not really sure he helped too much but did nothing wrong.
  7. Nagy would have been a better partner with James today imo. Think he suits us when we concede possession and can use his energy to get into good positions and win the ball back.
  8. They have reached an agreement for Leon Bailey at Leverkusen. Another wide player to go along with El Ghazi Buendia and Traore. Seems the Grealish thing is going to happen and they have sorted themselves out already. Though I will say not convinced with Bailey. Might be their first bit of business I didn’t like in awhile
  9. It wasn’t a bad performance really but the goals will be as soft as you’ll see. That needs to be cut out asap. Consistently got behind out fullbacks. Still it was a starting XI that would probably be promoted at our level and we won’t be seeing that next weekend. Kalas in for Atkinson for me. Williams or Nagy in for King(assuming Massengo not ready). Wells in for Martin or Palmer. Actually thought we tried to play off Martin a bit more today and some flashes. Had bodies near him.
  10. We will score 3 today now but we won’t score many if that is our starting XI during the season imo. Weimann the only one capable of double digits out of that lot but not if he is played wide. Martin might scrape it with a lot of minutes but at the cost of the team
  11. Got to be get a crack surely. We only have 3 in competition with each other at the minute. His next step should be this level imo. Treat him like a new signing and ease him into championship football. Baker has poor injury record so surely be some minutes available. Kalas also has a game where he may suffer an impact injury here and there.
  12. For me, Massengo has to play. Be playing him and James together. James is very vocal and will organise from there which will be vital imo. Nagy would suit playing in the way we have been playing in preseason. Williams I know has a good reputation but bit behind the 3 I mentioned for now. Too many still. Be ideal to raise some funds by selling one. My early starting XI would be Bentley Simpson Kalas Atkinson Dasilva Pearson James Massengo COD Weimann Wells That can turn into the 4231 with Weimann being a link. Pearson is growing on me.
  13. Why is this even an issue? The club and NP have been quite good in getting info to us on the main sites/accounts. Gregor is now redundant so hardly going to get the main man to divulge things. My impression is that we are much more professional now. COD was even careful with what he said on commentary in regards to shape and tactics. Same with injuries. Let us leave that to the imagination of the opposition. As for Gregor, he is getting bare minimum which is up to the discretion of the boss. Didn’t this happen to Andy Stockhausen with Cotterill? Seems to me NP has enough on his plate to worry about Gregor and his employer. Maybe just me but I care about the football. All the other stuff is much less important to me.
  14. Not so sure about him. Was the last one involved last season. About the only one that didn’t get a new contract. He put himself about and scored but didn’t see it the way you saw it early from Conway and Scott imo.
  15. Is that Matt O’Riley? If so, I agree. He was quite highly rated at Fulham at one point. Still very young and perhaps one to keep an eye on going forward.
  16. I can see him play anywhere because he has the talent. I’d just like him further up the pitch when taking the risks. That is why I suggested a striker type role similar to what Dele Alli was playing with Harry Kane a few seasons ago. Obviously Alli had that natural movement and finishing. Palmer does have some good composure and finishing traits. Not as sure on the movement. He can be a factor from wide positions but think easier for him to drift out of games from there. He uses more energy defending and think it costs him on the ball. perhaps less of an issue under NP. I hope KP can take a step forward. That can said about a few of our lads though.
  17. If we are expecting Palmer to be the key man we are in trouble. If he finally realises his potential and puts it all together then we can maybe push higher up the table than expected. I can’t explain Palmer any other way but it is more likely he is in and out of games rather than a steady influence. He does work hard even if a bit of a headless chicken defensively. Maybe that can be coached up and he can save some energy for on the ball. Love him though because I think he wants to live up to the expectations he had by many. Just doesn’t have the modern day game imo. The risks he takes and the areas he takes them in just kills the side when played centrally. Then from the wing he isn’t really the type to beat his man with pace and skill. Think for championship football he need to defensively be a striker and drop off when we get the ball back. Not sure is something NP is willing to do though.
  18. Agree about striker. Would love a younger pacy option. I like Conway but not sure he is super pacy. Plus real young outside Wells and Martin. A good 23-24 year old would be great. Still think same with Vyner just want to see him after 20 or so games in that position. Always seems to grow into roles for me. Winger agree as well but don’t think it is on the agenda. Pearson and Semenyo both in that mould. Maybe Pearson more like a traditional one that you are speaking of but Semenyo I am a big fan of and feel he can take another step forward.
  19. Yea 9 min and he jumps out. Game doesn’t look hard for him at the minute. Obviously a reserve L1 side with trialists but being so young looks impressive. Francois just scored for Pompey! He looks decent too tbf to him. What you’d expect for a young un full of energy.
  20. I’d like to give Vyner more time. He has been on loan after loan in different positions and then again last season. He needs a a good run in one position and I am confident he’ll be a good championship player. Have seen him have good games at RB so is capable. Not sure we need all that. Semenyo will help the wing options and Wells I think would have been more of a goal threat today with Palmer than Martin was. And RB I think is fine for this season.
  21. It wasn’t pretty early but I think NP has been focusing on fitness mostly the first few weeks. Think he said in his interview summing up Loughborough that they were just starting to work on things on the pitch. Don’t think close to our best XI playing either. Semenyo, Nagy, O’Dowda, Massengo, Kalas and Wells to come into the side. Probably at least 3 starters there. Bentley for Max. I’d rather judge them a bit more starting with MK Dons. A lot of work to do but feel like there is more energy within the group.
  22. He means well but he doesn’t have the ability to sense danger. It is great that he wants to play out and make good forward passes. That said, he risks passes and when dribbling out and can’t find anyone he won’t hit a channel he will lose it or force a pass in a bad area to lose it. Just don’t think he is going to cut that out of his game. Ok player in a 3 I think. They have been training in it anyway. I don’t think it is that big of a deal to them and it’ll be seen as helpful for the upcoming season. We do look fitter but they made changes at 2-1 and been all city since.
  23. Cross come in too easily. From there think probably just good cross good movement good finish. I can’t envisage this being close to our first team though. Not a good mix at all. Martin isn’t to standard for me. Not in a good team anyway. He can’t press, he can’t run channels and isn’t big enough to be an effective target man. Not helping Palmer I don’t think
  24. Surprised Dunk hasn’t moved up at least a little bit. Still time but 29 now so less likely. Anyway, agree about the leaders bit for Arsenal. Get some Bristol City from last season vibes with them. They obviously have a lot more talent but they seem less fit and mentally strong than most teams in the division. Ben White I think is an upgrade but is he ready for this massive challenge? Tough task
  25. Some of these comments are gold. After relegation form for 6 months, the release of 10 or more players, 6 weeks off, and integrating new players we drew 0-0 against a side who will be competing in the champions league next week. We saw what we needed to see. Effort. It was there in bundles. Yes we want to be a good footballing side but effort wasn’t there end of last season. Good to see it back. We can add the footballing stuff from there. Now, a worry here or there is fine. I agree with @JonDolmanthat Weimann and Martin didn’t look like something I’d like to see long term. Massengo is miles ahead of King as a player. James gets benefit of doubt as I think it was him shouting instructions all first half. If so, that was needed and think will be useful over the season. Palmer is lost/wasted on the wing. He gives effort but just don’t think that is going to suit him. We do need to remember he(and the first half squad) were up against more of a first XI Celtic than the second half lads. Bakinson and O’Dowda looked quite sharp to me. Max again doing himself no harm in the battle against Bentley even if unlikely to catch him if both fit. Atkinson and Baker read situations quite well. I could keep going but overall quite a big positive today.
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