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  1. Against Oxford I think. 0 - 0 1974 .. So 48 years
  2. Just a heads up. There is a speed camera on A4 portway this morning.
  3. That link road should be duel carriageway
  4. A colleague of mine was told by one of his customers on Ashton Vale trading estate who showed him copy of letter from council
  5. Cannot supply link. But proposal is for bottom end if winterstoke road
  6. I heard today that the council has drawn up plans to pedestrianise half of the road near the ground and make the other half one way
  7. If the fruit market site is suitable for a spectator venue (football) then it would be suitable for an arena ( concerts)
  8. One of there employees told me they will be making an announcement about the fruit market in the next week or so.
  9. He also caught the same train back to Bristol with the match ball . They did not recognise him
  10. Is that the game when Chelsea's headhunters came with them ??
  11. When it was unreserved it had to be 10% reduction in capacity in that area. . So they made it reserved seating to allow more people in that area
  12. When he was at Scunthorpe. But Liverpool beat us to him
  13. How far back are we going? Kevin Keegan
  14. What was the pre match team talk Winners play at Hillsborough losers the mem .
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