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  1. I’ve been avoiding the forum for a few days @Davefevsso you’ll have to excuse my reply because I’ve not read anything on here because of the inevitable toxic nature of things but as a reply to your post (seeing as you’ve tagged me). Is this new discussion on Moore due to his performance against a Preston team that are well regarded at ‘earning’ themselves penalties that shouldn’t particularly be given? Like Friday’s where there is evidence that Moore got the ball & that Sinclair may not of been touched while the referee has come out to DH & said that if he’s made a mistake he apologises? Or is it that Moore is struggling for form in a poor team at the moment? Players go through dips in form for many reasons, ask John Stones (much maligned in recent years for being shit despite the team he plays for, the money spent on him & the trophies he’s won) or Steven Caulker, who’s drop off in form can probably be put down to other things outside of football that have been well reported? (And obviously I’ve only used a small percentage centre-backs that could be accused of lacking ability but basically every player could be named as examples). Moore isn’t a poor player in the form of a Gary Stanley or Nicky Hunt & there is no knowing how the current situation throughout the world is affecting him or anyone else, assuming his family are still living in France (or not in Bristol at least). I would suggest that anyone of probably 9 players could of been dragged off on Friday night because of their poor performance, yet Moore seems to be the centre of discussions? At the moment each & every one of our players that are technically fit to take to the pitch should be being discussed as to their worthiness to be selected because none of them are performing anywhere near the level expected of them. In a team that is struggling for form & confidence, to have something else to be blamed for personally (giving a penalty away), could play on someone’s mind & affect their performance & while in past years players could be taken out of the firing line & dropped down to the reserves to find their form or to acclimatise to a change of playing position, this simply isn’t possible for varying reasons (lack of available players, unable to move players between squads because of ‘bubbles’ etc), so the only possibility is that the player has to play his way through it in game situations. It’s even unlikely that there is anything that can be worked on adequately on the training ground because of the schedule the club currently faces where they could only be training for 2 or 3 days a week. It also begs the question that if Moore is so poor at playing this position, why isn’t Vyner, Kalas or Mariappa put there? Especially in the cases of Kalas & Mariappa, they are much more experienced & should be able to adjust to the position better than a relatively inexperienced player, no?
  2. Nothing wrong with giving Rotherham the credit they deserved for carrying out their game plan & saying we were beaten by the better team.How’s that upsetting anyone? And in fairness if any of those players on Saturday thought that any criticism they received wasn’t worthy then they probably need to be less deluded! And maybe hearing it from someone else would help them instead of them believing they were just unlucky.
  3. I’m not expecting them to be Ant & Dec or to get up & sing, I just think it wouldn’t hurt them to do a bit more, discuss how they think a game is going or how it’s gone, especially when injured.I’m talking about someone discussing what’s gone on in their chosen career while at their current employment, while sat next to one other person in a room. I think I’ve heard Baker do one interview & that includes quotes in The Post, Walsh possibly similar. Williams has possibly done more in his short time of not playing for us than others.
  4. Clearly off his face! And it’s not like his Mercedes AMG wouldn’t have a reversing camera in (although it might not of worked after hitting the van & before he reversed into the second car)!
  5. But they wouldn’t be in a room full of people, that’s why I said I’m not expecting them to do ‘An audience with’! They would be expected to do pre & post match interviews & being a summariser isn’t so much different, especially while injured & unable to play to earn their wage. Weimann is on tonight despite the severity of his injury yet others aren’t seen or heard from! Just my opinion, I would of thought they could do a little more.
  6. Yeah, I just watched it about 5 minutes ago. Now this isn’t the police’s fault but the fact that the idiot was seemingly drink-driving & left the scene of the accidents clearly saved him & allowed him to carry on showing little regard for anyone else apart from himself, which really doesn’t surprise me.
  7. Really? I’m 48 years old & broken my back twice!! Yep, I really wish I was playing football!! I’m just glad I can put my own clothes on & walk!!
  8. As I said, media responsibilities are part of the job & as I’ve responded to Fevs above, I’m not expecting them to commentate or answer questions from fans but to actually see them doing something for their wage & to get something from them surely couldn’t do any harm?
  9. Unfortunate side of the job! They’ve done very little for the last 3 months or so & the least they could do while picking up their obscene wage is to appear on tv. They are technically talking to one person, it’s not like it’s an ‘Audience with Nathan Baker’ & hundreds of people are queuing to ask him questions & is why I suggested summariser rather than co-commentator so they only have to speak for a limited time. The cynical part of me is starting to question Walsh’s injury situation & with his good mate in a similar position it does feel like a bit of a piss take to me. All feels a little convenient.
  10. He just strikes me as someone that won’t be bothered about a ban & will carry on driving regardless! He’s never shown any remorse or regard for anything he’s previously done!
  11. Like I said, Williams did it when he first arrived & Weimann is doing it tonight. I thought all the players were supposed to carry out media responsibilities?
  12. What I don’t get with our own tv channel is why they don’t get all of the injured players involved with doing summarising at least? Walsh, Williams (who has done it) & Baker could of all done it. Weimann is doing it tonight so why haven’t the others done it as part of their media stuff? I could understand it if they had serious injuries & were unable to mobilise but surely they are all on their feet & getting about? Maybe then we’d get a bit of feedback as to how their recoveries are going & may feel a bit more empathy for them if they explained what has actually happened for them to have relapsed?!?
  13. Exactly but it also begs the question as to whether it’s possible to spend £100 now without everything being out of stock?
  14. Gotta be said, it’s a great looking game but it’s seriously like one of those mornings where you’ve woke up from the night before & have no idea what happened!!
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