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  1. There’s clearly some new sustainability constraints coming through a potential salary cap. I can see why the board wouldn’t risk appointing Hughton as he would want a back room team and a guaranteed top 6 wage bill. Still think we could have got someone like Cook in who has a proven record of over achieving rather than take a massive gamble on Holden and the other 2!
  2. So our identity is going to continue to be ‘busy bees’ then? Which basically means no clear style, players not being good on the ball (hot potatoe football) and limited pressing. why not get someone (anyone!) in with new ideas ffs. I rate mark Ashton but consider Jon lansdown to be a clown- if/when Holden is sacked with us in the relegation zone I expect them both to be relieved of their duties! (Unless of course this is actually Steve’s appointment)
  3. When talking about the affordability of a coach it’s not about the salary it’s more about the playing budget/transfer war chest that is more a sticking point. Most proven managers want the best chance of suceeding so only take jobs with a relatively high wage bill (e.g Steve Bruce, hughton, ‘arry). They don’t want to risk a failure on their CV so it’s self perpetuating! someone up and coming like cook who always outperforms his wage bill is someone that I want-our model isn’t to break FFP and take a gamble, we have an accountant in charge not a poker player like Brighton..
  4. No, Johnson had 4 years and 8 windows to get us there and we went backwards this year. Would expect the brief for cook to be to outperform relative wages next season and then play offs minimum the season after
  5. Coleman is a shocking manager! We need a leader with a track record of achievement. To put it in simple terms someone who outperforms their wage position in the league with actual position. tbf to Johnson he had been achieving that until this season, but the performance levels and results dropping off at a time where our wages increased was never going to end well for him!
  6. Quite, I think although he had his fingers burnt with Copell he hasn’t exactly had success with any yes men since then has he? Mcinnes was a disaster so he knows not to choose someone without championship experience, especially as the brief will be promo within 2 years
  7. He’s a leader and with a decent squad I think he can get us up. We don’t want another yes man that repeatedly gets turned over by Neil Harris/Warnock types surely? unless we go down the continental route I don’t see much beyond cook or hughton that isn’t a risk? who would u appoint then? He’s done a great job with Wigan pal
  8. I reckon we could do a lot worse than this man for a variety of reasons. Achieved promotions with chesterfield, Pompey and Wigan so clearly knows how to organise teams and get them over the line. is known for going on cup runs with his teams-remember Wigan beating Man City? He has achieved miracles at wigan with a wage bill about a third of ours (C.£11m a year), also they always give us a really tough game and his team are on fire with 7 wins in a row and 1 goal conceded! I like his passion (his voice has always gone in post match interviews) And think he’s a good motivator
  9. A manager where it’s obvious what he’s trying to achieve/been doing on the training pitch. One that doesn’t change formation/personnel with the weather. choose an formation and a way of playing and stick to it. Johnson has great success with the pressing game then seemed to lose his way-all I have heard that our identify now is ‘busy bees’ which is incredibly weak!
  10. Very simple-he needs top 6 to be given another summers transfer window. This division is weaker this year and we have invested fairly heavily. Johnson has had enough time and money to not be putting in piss poor performances like this... I’m fuming at this missed opportunity
  11. if He had consistency he’d be a prem player-must be so frustrating to manage never knowing if he’s going to turn up or not!
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