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  1. He's not got the physicality for championship-he's a good league one player that will probably end up at Sunderland
  2. Morris has to be the biggest weasel in football-really hope they get relegated! Was gutted pack popped up with that goal
  3. I remember really enjoying his insightful programme notes, unfortunately he didn’t back it up on the pitch! Agree he had a bit of a shit sandwich with the finances/structure at the time though and also the football he played at Donny/Bournemouth. Also think he over complicated the game so Cotts was a breath of fresh air when he came in (despite me not being happy at the time!)
  4. Depends on which timeframe you are looking at. Where we are against say 5 years ago we are massively progressed with the infrastructure and academy now producing more talent. Football wise we have regressed the last two years but hopefully that can be addressed with a new manager/recruitment/medical team so it can change quickly. we are well placed to kick on and Ashton takes a lot of credit for that
  5. I reckon this signing is a test from nige to see whether uncle Steve is going to back him and whether he has control over ashton. Nige will know that the board vetoed a left back for Holden so will want to know he has control. the signing is clearly pointless given we have nothing to play for and nige is testing the board, if they back him for a pointless signing he knows they will back him when it matters. given it looks like they are passing the test I can see nige signing a long term deal-which is great news
  6. Do enjoy listening to Ian, he’s in his element at the moment with all the doom and gloom!
  7. Paul cook is keen as mustard to come here! He would HVe taken the the Cardiff and Wednesday jobs but they were only offering until end of season. Lansdown needs to get him in this week and then sack Ashton and his hangers on in the summer. Blank canvas. I think I’d take relegation tbh if it meant we get rid of Ashton!
  8. Think that’s me done until we appoint a manager, really not good for my health getting so angry for 180 minutes a week.
  9. Has to be Paul cook-we need a strong carachter to give the boys some confidence! Does anyone know why cook didn’t get the role last time? Suspect the issue was around control on recruitment but surely Ashton needs to give up some of that to secure a proper manager?
  10. If u have a smart tv you can just mirror your screen using an app?
  11. Would love derby to be hit with a points deduction-Morris so dodgy re stadium sell and accounting treatment!
  12. There’s clearly some new sustainability constraints coming through a potential salary cap. I can see why the board wouldn’t risk appointing Hughton as he would want a back room team and a guaranteed top 6 wage bill. Still think we could have got someone like Cook in who has a proven record of over achieving rather than take a massive gamble on Holden and the other 2!
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