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  1. From the horses mouth on part 2 of his guest appearance on John Parkin's podcast Under The Cosh. We activated a £750,000 release clause in his contract after his drugs ban was up in 2010. He mentions it at about 18:30 of the video below and at about 25 minutes he mentions we offered him "more money, a lot more money" than QPR did but he wanted to join Warnock again. Our recruitment that year was a shambles. We ended up with David James on that disgraceful wage so... Maybe Paddy would've been better!
  2. Thanks both. No idea why I remember that game
  3. did we score 5 in a game vs mk dons at one point?
  4. that whole pre-season the year he was here was a ******* farce. Whole team was pissed 24/7
  5. Best backside control, Damion Stewart.
  6. Yes... he was in Costa with his son and was approached by an abusive city fan. basically the whole of OTIB defended him of course, just the odd bad egg in the basket as per usual
  7. Sad things ended so sour with him here with CostaGate...
  8. Absolute meltdown on social media about the pitch already. Love it
  9. There are so many g*s here tonight I might convert into a Somerset fan
  10. Hales was so good tonight, incredible.
  11. We have some serious short format talent with the bat coming through in this country, struggling for bowlers on the whole but wow some of the shots tonight were just stupid, that’s about the only word I can think to describe them that Pope shot was unfathomably good, Banton on his day is a complete joke too
  12. Nope The whole point of the hundred was to get a lot of games on free-to-air tv and it was widely reported (and further confirmed by bbc spokesman) that they were having a large say in the rules. BBC want to cram games into 2 hour slots so told the ECB that they would recommend a 10 ball over to speed things up. For once, Sky are blameless, BBC have been a ******* nightmare in this process.
  13. Yeah 'cos you're the best team But point still stands people moaning about pitches but try and eek out 384 overs of cricket for maximum income Somerset/Warks only 2 counties I know of that actively create pitches to force results in games. Good on the both
  14. Look at all these moaning ***** moaning about Somerset hahaha grow up bunch of ******* idiots It's simple isn't it (I know prev game was away to Kent on a shit heap but rant still stands) Somerset create cricket pitches to force results. They back themselves to win games of cricket on said cricket pitches. They get promoted. They then win div 1. Not really a ******* coincidence, meanwhile bellends in Surrey Yorkshire etc etc are trying to prepare the m32 to last x4 days to maximise money over success. **** 'em rant over again
  15. I think there was a hole in the covers overnight and the pitch was soaking
  16. Walk in the park Congratulations Somerset... a fantastic year for you so far. That's 2 RLODCs for the South West in 4 years Perhaps Sky may give either of us some coverage, or the ECB for that matter It's a ******* mess really. I don't buy into the rivalry because I hate the ECB that much, rather both win and shove 2 fingers up to the *****. South West is best!!! Anyway, rant over... Congrats again
  17. 300 chase should be a dolly for Somerset
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