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  1. Totally agree, our finances are not good, we won’t be able to compete for top players, and sales money will mostly go on debt reduction. Reality check needed, it will just be a case of hoping we can offload a few, then looking for a few low budget signings and letting the kids develop.
  2. I think ‘contenders’ is a bit of a stretch. I’ll be happy if we are still in the Championship and in a better financial position at the end of next season.
  3. Let’s not go overboard, our wins were against an ordinary Stoke side thank to a fluke goal, and against a young Derby team. See what the summer brings, particularly sorting out the huge losses and FFP.
  4. I’ve stopped enjoying the shorter trips, and next season, will stick to the games where less people travel. It’s never been this bad, and the club just seem to promote ‘limbs’ rather than having any concern for us oldies. Limbs are good, but flying uncontrollably in a crowded space can cause injury. I would stress that I don’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun, just want to be able to enjoy watching City away in a safe environment. Not asking a lot really.
  5. Over 40 years of watching City away, and it’s never been this bad. I’ve been sent flying by ‘Limbs’ and seen a few older people bowled into the aisle/ over seats. Hard to find a safe spot any more, and safety just seems to be ignored. Away areas desperately needs a mix of safe standing, and seats where standing not permitted. Then everybody is happy, and safe.
  6. I’d managed to erase him from my memory. Just been re-installed, hard to decide between him and Watts. No way Forbes, he was an absolute legend in Div 4, and made a massive difference when he signed. And let’s not forget, in those days we had a very limited budget. And once, the People gave both Phillipson and Masters a mark of 7. Clearly not paying attention.
  7. Forbes did a job in the 4th division, so not in the same category. Julian Watts on the other hand….
  8. Where do we go? Whoever is manager has to sell assets, sort out finances, recruit wisely, play and encourage the youngsters, and hopefully stay in the Championship. Then rebuild in a financially sustainable way. All part of the City experience, seen it a few times, spend big, spend badly, pay the price a year or two later.
  9. Agree, but it has given us a cushion, taking pressure off the squad.
  10. Seem to remember OTIB demanding Hughton be appointed saviour and rubbishing Cooper. Forest fans might disagree with that No magic formula, just right man, right time, right coaches.
  11. Has to be judged according to League, resources etc. Pearson inherited a mess, and has done well keeping us up (With help from point deductions). Personally, I rated Holden, undone by injuries and fan demands for a ‘big name’.
  12. I’m totally indifferent to Pearson and don’t care whether he stays or goes. Low expectations for next season, just hope that a few younger players develop well, as we have, potentially, a decent squad in about 2/3 years.
  13. No idea why they think Bristol Sport would pay. The roads are nothing to do with them, and why would they want to make customers lives more difficult? Seems they don’t want you using bus, car, train, Metrobus… What DO they want people to use?
  14. Spot on. At some point the EFL need to consider safety in away areas, standing in areas designed for seating is far less safe than standing in areas designed for that purpose. I’ve seen quite a few older people bundled over after a goal has been scored, and at some point, somebody will get seriously hurt. Simple solution is safe standing areas, but that’s probably too easy, and football authorities seem blinkered towards all seater stadia, then ignoring the fact that most away supporters are standing.
  15. Good report as ever. Bournemouth May have plastic fans, but objects on the pitch (again) and bundling over an older lady in ‘celebration’ are hardly things to be proud of. Someone is going to get seriously hurt soon.
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