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  1. I’m no vegetarian/ vegan but a lot of it is to do with the environment as well, not just the slaughtering of animals.
  2. Has anyone mentioned Taylor Moore after he goes 2 games without costing a goal?! Until about last Xmas, the way some went on about him you’d think Van Dijk was being left out of the side!! Top of the hat though to: Joe Morrell Liam Walsh Andreas Weimann (who seems to have become De Bruyne since his injury)
  3. I think there may well be a large element of clickbait in this article and they may be including some of the u23s released earlier in the month who have made first team appearances! My guess at those 11 ‘first teamers’ leaving: Gilmartin Woolacott Rowe Hunt Edwards Mariappa Adelukan Walsh (offered contract, declined) Paterson Hinds Diedhiou (offered contract, declined) Simpson, Baker, Lansbury & Weimann to all be offered/ accept new contracts.
  4. Honestly? No not at all. Football was terrible, the fact he had the personality of a slug that’s just had salt poured over him didn’t help his cause with the fans or board. But I don’t think the tide was turning at all and I do genuinely believe if he saw out the season we would have been playing in league 2 the next season!
  5. Wasn’t it said at the time Mr Hughton told the board that the squad needed a complete overhaul and this is one of the main reasons he didn’t get it?
  6. Who would you trust to rebuild your squad into the promotion chasing team Lansdown expects them to be? Nigel Pearson Mark Robins Michael Appleton Russel Martin Ryan Lowe Despite not impressing using a pretty terrible squad assembled by Johnson & Holden and ravaged by injury/ recurring injuries under the medical staff (Ashtons mates) there’s only one winner for me! Do I think Pearson will be manager next season? Absolutely not, would be done already if he was going to be!
  7. No they weren’t, 3/4 were poor to put it politely. Coventry - poor throughout, lucky win Stoke - very good from start to finish Wednesday - poor for 70/90 minutes Forest - absolute daylight robbery if it wasn’t for Bentley it could easily have been 6/7
  8. Ahh yes, 2 genuine mistakes that cost goals in 40 games this season (in which he has been ridiculously busy in at least half, probably 3/4). Get rid not good enough. Let’s give O’Leary a go despite the fact that the previous 3 managers who see them train every day have picked Bentley ahead of him.
  9. How much would you like to bet?
  10. Suppose Ashton wasn’t wrong when he said they’d get the value from him on the pitch...his value is zero and he’s offering **** all on the pitch! The fact the club has offered him the biggest contract in the clubs history (according to Mcgregor) should set alarm bells ringing!
  11. Not saying it’s not true, but I wouldn’t take everything Ian says as gospel...he has a tendency to (not sure how to put it politely) make stuff up!
  12. It was worth sticking with it all the way through for Harry’s ‘the I love you that is Dean Henderson’ comment, completely out of nowhere! On the whole a very good podcast, some guests I enjoy some I really don’t but not a lot I can do about it, they all tend to add something different.
  13. Let’s put it in to context as well, one was from Mawson on the edge of the box and the other a header from Mawson from a long way out! Hardly chances created. I Holdenball
  14. I read this and thought to myself, nope that squad was good so decided to check it out myself.... boy was i wrong! Stephen Mcmanus Matthew Bates Neil Kilkenny Martin Woolford Paul Anderson Stephen Pearson Ryan Taylor Mark Wilson Lewin Nyatanga Liam Kelly Brendan Moloney and worst of a truly woeful bunch by some distance Richard ******* Foster! All played a big part in the season! No wonder they finished rock bottom!
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