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  1. I think 3-6 months is incredibly optimistic, I think it will be closer to 3-6 games!
  2. Probably sack Holden, hear about all the amazing candidates we have, wait until February then Give to Ashley Williams
  3. Lansdown x 2 & Ashton truly deserve relegation if this is the route they go down.
  4. Then don't make Steven Gerrard your first choice. Coronavirus is hardly new, it was well in play when they sacked Johnson and nothing has changed since they went after Gerrard. Absolute Shit show from Lansdown Snr, Lansdown Jr & that *** Mark Ashton
  5. 100% Unfortunately the majority will continue plodding down to Ashton Gate, giving the club their undeserved backing. 'Get behind Deano', board only doing what they think is right etc. No interest anymore, fed up of being treated like customers. Time for a long break from the club when this is announced. Sad as its been a major part of my life for the last 30 years. Never mind
  6. Pat Lam is reportedly on £800k a year, approx £15k a week. There is no way whatsoever Dean Holden will be on anywhere near that. I'd go as far as saying out of the names linked with the job only Hughton and Gerrard would be above that. Cook, Neil etc would be on a lot less than that!
  7. Yep it is little bit annoying, no point getting all sourdough
  8. After being told what a highly sought after job this is and you’d be surprised by the names declaring interest, to end up with these 2, who’ve had 3/4 of a season at this level would tell you all you need to know about This clubs genuine ambitions to get promoted. No better than Johnson, save the money keep Holden hope to stay mid table.
  9. One of the nicest things anyone’s said about him. The bloke is a complete cock, full of self Importance, pretending to be In the know on every single detail of football. He shouts his way through his radio show on the times I’ve been unfortunate to hear a little bit of it, don’t get me started on the farce that is deadline day when he sits there with his phone On the table getting ‘messages’ from players and agents In his stupid yellow tie, Bellowing out his ‘breaking news’ that Man U/ Man City/ Arsenal won’t be signing anyone on this deadline day... after they’ve said all transfer win
  10. I’m not saying that I would rule him out and I’m not against him becoming manager, I’m just Suggesting if there’s even a little consistency from Bristol Sport that would mean he has no chance?
  11. John Terry doesn’t suit the Bristol Sport brand. If the club binned off Luke Ayling (guilt by association) because his mate had a piss on a balcony, John Terry, whose been plastered all over the papers for being a proper shit bloke must surly have no chance! **not saying I’m against him becoming manager**
  12. Someone get the bedsheets out! It’s that time again!
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