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  1. Closely following this thread for where to book my Birthday meal in Jan (Post Cardiff game) as I live in London so don't know Bristol eateries well. Taking my partner to Clifton Lido for swim and breakfast before the Bournemouth game hopefully. Anyone been before? Any good?
  2. I don't know where Shrewsbury would get that kind of money from. Unless it's bonus based, I.E. Promotion, and most likely a hefty sell on %.
  3. 65% accuracy for false negatives. 99% accuracy for false positives.
  4. Depends which one you mean!
  5. How many under 50s have long Covid? Also the answer for COVID deaths for under 50's is 6,204. Source: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales
  6. Was a cracking player for Bath City
  7. Let's be honest, it's likely it took place. But she doesn't want him prosecuted now, what else is there for her to say apart from it didn't happen?
  8. Jesus. Christ. Vaccines reduces chances of hospitalisations, and transmission. Notice the key word being reduces. If everyone is vaccinated, then you have less chance of catching and spreading the virus. See how that is better?
  9. They reduce the spread, not stop it completely. Not hard to understand.
  10. Exactly. You'd think some world leaders would speak out if it was a Conspiracy wouldn't you. Same as Doctors, other medical experts etc. Almost as if it's not a conspiracy....
  11. I don't know, watching City has been more of a punishment over the recent years!
  12. Happened June 2nd and police were involved so not surprised. Can't sack him until found guilty.
  13. Interesting that James Morton is on trial with them. What's the odds on him scoring against us today?
  14. Talks of Cooper having a £3mil compensation clause in his Swansea contract. Surely Swansea wouldn't let him go for nothing unless it was someone like England u21?
  15. Very odd! Seems most clubs are struggling to finance players this summer so not shocked Swansea are any different, not sure where his next step is? Fulham and West Brom have new managers, so do Palace. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/21/steve-cooper-quit-swansea-city-manager/
  16. But equally if we spend money on a Championship proven LB (who'd have to compete with JD), we can't spend it on other positions such as a striker who can score...
  17. We haven't got endless money, we need one of these as back up. To replace them would cost.
  18. Been a while since any big deaths, the ones I text my parents in shock. Think the last 2 were Phillip and Bobby Ball.
  19. Bit weird, why would his Mum join a Bristol City fans forum 3 years before he joined the club?
  20. MK Don's will be the players who haven't played today, getting 90 into their legs. Judge at Villa, although tough test.
  21. All due to FFP. You cannot spend beyond your means.
  22. Thought the whole squad would have to isolate. But then remembered wasn't the case last year, ignore me. It reduces the chances, but was more about having to self isolate. You don't have too after 2 jabs unless positive.
  23. But players won't have to isolate after August 16th if double jabbed.
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