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  1. Thing is the club don’t get the income stream does it? Steve gets it. And I’m saying Steve has wasted millions on the project. But he knew what his exit was. He hedged his bets. If he couldn’t get planning to move the stadium across Winterstoke Road it didn’t matter. He’d have houses instead. And yes. I’ve heard it said…. You?
  2. Jesus Christ. You could have ******* millions coming week in week out to watch us throw away 3 points in the last few minutes of every home game. On non-football match days you could have Elton crooning or the great and the good from the Merchant Venturers hosting business breakfasts. Or rugby. Or basketball. Or develop a hotel. Or car parks. The plan has always been to acquire a massive development site, develop it and make it sweat. Sweat hard. To feed the hand of the man who created the beast. And you really think that the acquisition of Ashton Vale was solely about creating a new stadium? And then leaving a mish mash of far more costly and difficult buildings to redevelop? Deluded. But then that’s why Stevie lives offshore and I don’t….. He rode his Trojan Horse in with his eyes wide open….
  3. You know the answer to that question! Stop laying bread on the water. Ok. I’ll have a nibble….. Keep it separate. Weave a web. Register off shore. Generate revenue streams that ultimately feed the ultimate beneficial owner. Keep it all at an arms length transaction. Nothing conspiracy based here. All legal and legitimate. Let the lemmings believe he’s a good man. Let them believe he’s doing it to make Bristol Proud. And yes @RobboredI am that fool. HPC my backside. Like Ashton Gate, all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold…….. Anyway when are The Killers coming. Elton’s not my cup of tea…. Football success anytime soon? Unlikely……
  4. It is. It’s very, very good. But the football isn’t. I’d rather watch decent football and get soaked to the skin. But if shiny seats and pies and pints is your thing - whilst enduring piss poor football then carry on…… Ah yes. The High Performance Centre. I refer you to my previous comment M’Lud. HPC producing mediocrity. Give I some more. From a purely footballing point of view we’ve regressed. We’re in no better position now than we were BL. He on the other hand is sitting on a nice fat slice of freeholds in BS3. That for his, Junior’s and Junior’s Junior’s generation will only ever go one way….
  5. Behave yourself. Put another Wurzels record on. Put that Thatchers down. And make I a list. Of all the tremendous benefits he’s brought to Bristol City. I’ll give ‘ee one. Elton’s coming in the summer……
  6. Oi oi. We agree. COD was rubbish, is rubbish and always will be rubbish
  7. Pretty pathetic attempt at a joke? Made me chuckle. Lighten up. If it had been KP45 in that awful ******* suit walking about modelling those shirts I’d have said the same Enjoy the game yesterday?
  8. Anyway not long after taking the photo I was ushered out of the mens toilets by a steward. I tried to explain why I was taking photos in a public toilet but he wasn’t having any of it…… Just to make a cheap jibe at COD’s expense. That’ll teach me
  9. Hungoever? Stop speaking Nailsease. Then again perhaps you’re making more sense than normal. I knows you be one of them Lansdown luvvers
  10. 8 pages debating how long Big Nige has left. Little Lee had how many windows? How shit was Deano, Brian et Al? Why did Gary Johnson and SC leave? Was Mark Ashton the devil incarnate? Who gave him carte blanche with the ******* cheque book? My Christ. Aren’t Luton doing well? But hey ho. The lemming clowns still come out in support of the Messiah. They love the high performance centre - the one that produces well, high performing players. They love the premiership standard stadium - must be looking forward to The Yellow Brick Road. How can a successful self made man **** things up so badly. Perhaps in his mind he hasn’t. Perhaps things are going exactly to plan……..
  11. Saw this yesterday whilst I was having a nervous pre-kick off wee. Looks like Callum is off. With a very tempting 30% off. Wonder who will swoop….. They’d best be quick mind. That offer is only available for a limited time
  12. Like in Zulu there must have been fousands of em sat by us. Squawking away, stood at the front at every opportunity. Swarming about with their dads in tow. Sitting is seats that clearly weren’t theirs. How ******* dare they? I blame the bloody bring a mate initiative. Who’s idea was that? To try and encourage new fans into the ground. Sack ‘em I say. I blame that Sam Bell…. And JD must have been out of Downsy’s ear shot. Didn’t he ignore team orders and give his shirt away…..
  13. BigAl&Toby


    Quite right. Thing is though those ******* idiots won’t be able to wear their Stone Island youth clothing. Or those equally ridiculous black Mille Miglia inspired goggle topped tops. Dear oh dear….
  14. We sit in front of Ron. Last saw him - well heard him first - in Bath bus station. He was talking to passengers. About football. And Bristol City. 54 is no age.
  15. @Mr Popodopolous Answers; 1. No idea. 2. No idea. 3. No idea. My old employer - with whom I had the opportunity to meet one of the Exiles on more than one occasion - once said to me “you’re not a details man are you”…. I took that as a compliment. Little did I know that was a coded message The thing is I’m not. A details man. Or one who’s vaguely interested in such detail. I’m more bigger picture. Not bound by constraints. An ideas man……. Needless to say I’m now self-employed! But enough of me. Three clubs. Brighton. Brentford. Burnley. Jesus Christ. Where were they then? Where were we then? Where are they now? Where are we now? Why? And what a waste. Kelly. Webster. Brownhill. Wasted opportunities. Story of BCFC. And if when the window opens the breeze blows and we kiss goodbye to these 3 then that’ll be 3 more names to add to that potentially ever growing list. Meanwhile the likes of O’Dowda, Wells and Palmer will remain……
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