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  1. Why ask the question? Why not wait until it’s on the Official Site you seem to value so much? Why don’t you simply have an early night? Why?
  2. Absolute bollocks I’m afraid. No-one - not even Mr L - gifts funds away out of the goodness of his heart or wanting us all to share in his apparent love of sport in Bristol. No-one. Business is Business. Money goes to money. And good luck to him or any other entrepreneur who takes the risk and makes their money. What ***** me off - as some already know - is how it’s all wrapped up in mystery and intrigue. Holding companies that are registered offshore to protect the ultimate beneficial owner’s interests. Why he do that if he truly does have BCFC’s - our club’s - bes
  3. **** me matey. Another voice of reason. I thought mine was the only one..... Pleased to hear I’m not alone. Perhaps our philanthropic benefactor wants to make sure he gets the right man this time. And let’s face it. He’s made a few mistakes recently. Keeping Lee when all around could see it was time he went. And that Woodford chap. Who appointed ‘ee?
  4. You know my thoughts on all of this structure nonsense @Davefevs as I spent more years than I now care to remember looking into the murky drains that inevitably need looking into when it comes to this sort of thing. Whilst what Lansdown will have done will have been legal anything that involves holding companies, beneficial owners and offshore registrations is done for one of a few reasons - and none of them are out of the goodness of anyone’s heart. Yes. Here he goes again. The ultimate beneficial owner benefits whilst the poor bastards who serve up the pies, pull the pints or sell
  5. This is mine. Me and the boy. As used by Dunder on those electronic advertising hoardings round the ground. Each time they use it we get a royalty payment. And when the game’s televised we get an absolute fortune..... And to avoid confusion I’m on the left and the boy’s on the right. And no, we aren’t in the foreground.....
  6. X, Y & Z? My three words are “the ******* lot”. Especially from that list you’ve mentioned. I’m afraid that they’ve all had their chance to prove their ability and have failed in my eyes. Failed miserably. To perform. To be consistent. To be good enough. To take us to where we want to be. Many will talk about having skill trained out of them and that too might be true. Fact remains though that the players we have simply and sadly aren’t bloody good enough.....
  7. The one of me and the boy at Hull last season that’s now used in the Dunder ad that flashes up on the pitch side hoardings. One of us is a handsome ******. The other one is just a miserable old ******
  8. Thanks @Davefevs Oh yes. Tried on my laptop and the boy’s laptop when he was at his mum’s. He was quicker off the mark and got in. I couldn’t so went to the allotment instead..... Still no refund for the girls’ cards. And only one emailed acknowledgment for the two emails I sent. Thing is I can’t say I’m surprised. They seem able to set up and take direct debit payments for next season’s cards - when there has to be doubt we’ll be able to take our seats. They’ll “be in funds” from that income so it can’t be that they’re short of cash and can’t afford to make the refunds th
  9. He was helpful with the Christmas present banner saga too. But I emailed him some time back and heard nothing. You’re right. Not his fault but it’s still a ******* shambles. They can take the direct debit this month for next season’s cards but not process refunds for this season, send emails they said they would or codes to watch Lisa and Downsy..... But hey. Me and the boy have our names on the third shirt.......
  10. I’ve given up. This is my story. We have 4 season cards. Mine - full paying adult and U19 and 2 U12s. The kids don’t live with me. We went for 2 Options 2s for mine and the U19. We thought that when kids aren’t with me we’d all be able to watch the streaming extravaganza. We got one code. For my card. Nothing at all for the U19. That meant when Toby gets in first I can’t log in. Marvellous. And the refunds. One email acknowledgment for one request. Nothing for the other. Despite dipping into my bank account for next seasons cards I’ve had no refund whatsoever. I’v
  11. He’s 16. And has an U19 card. And that’s what we thought. But it didn’t work for me....... He might be with me on Wednesday and we’ll try together. If not it’ll be the allotment again
  12. So me and the boy opted for Option 2. The girls went for a refund on their U12 cards. Still waiting for the refund and only had 1 email acknowledgement but I can live with that. Thing is we only had 1 code. And the boy - who doesn’t live with me - got in there first on Sunday. So I missed it and picked gooseberries at the allotment instead. Thing is I’d like to have the option, having selected the option, to watch on Wednesday. Question is should we have had 2 codes and if so, how to do I get another? @phantom @JerrySLO any ideas? Ta
  13. We’ve got 4 season tickets. All through me and my email address. 3 emails received. What a ******* shambles....
  14. Couldn’t bring myself to go @Nogbad the Bad if my henchman is excluded. He’d be devastated..... As devastated as SL was on R4 Today programme last week. He was so devastated all the ****** spoke about was Bristol ******* Bears.... But if we win a ticket we’ll have to bring our flag
  15. Welcome to the modern world. If that’s right - the club are refunding hospitality or match by match tickets - then Club Lansdown has itself stooped to a contemptuous all time low. Ashton says to Lansdown via Skype - no queuing at the Post Office or waiting for Sainsbury’s to open for these 2 - how can we look after our supporters? Lansdown to Ashton - what you mean those fellows who keep the wheels of industry turning? Those who follow us through thick and thin, season after season, for generations? Ashton to Lansdown - sorry boss. I’m with Virgin. You’re cracking up. But yes. O
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