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  1. **** that. My heart doesn’t bleed for him! And am I grateful? Am I ****. Where BCFC is concerned the man is inept. I’ve seen better decisions made by double glazing salesmen funding Screwfix League teams...... Forget the stadium. Forget the training facilities. Let’s look at his decisions that weren’t backed by freeholders. Yes. What a ******* disaster. Mark Ashton anyone? Yawn. Here he goes again......
  2. That’ll explain it then. Why I saw Diedhiou, Hunt, Lansbury and Gilmarton skulking about by the water tower up on the Downs. At first I thought they were in the queue for a takeaway coffee. Then I realised what grown men in tracksuits actually get up to by that water tower....... Is the Downs League still going? Does Downsy turn up at halftime and Twitter on? Just asking. For a friend...
  3. Two up at half time and it ends three two. Big Nige calls things out after the game and looks like a man who’s had enough. Alludes to organisational issues..... Well let’s see what the Lansdown Lemmings have to say tonight. The model is ****** and has been from the start. Sustainability and the appointment of a buffoon like Ashton to achieve that - not to mention all of Mr Ls other catastrophic decisions - and it ends like this. A season that promised so much delivers, yet again, another miserable end. Reckon Steve watched it on Robins TV? Or was he there? The Emperor from the Channel Islands is naked. Has been for many a year. But all is good in the great man’s eyes. The Sporting Quarter, Ashton Vale and various other “business interests” continue to provide a return on investment. In the meantime the stuff that really matters - the football - is woeful.....
  4. Careful chaps. The Lansdown Loving Lemmings will also be watching. Don’t dare challenge or criticise what the philanthropic Messiah has done for us all. He who’s one of us - a fan. He who walks amongst us........ Be careful what you wish for they will say. It could be a Russian. Or an American. Or even - **** me - someone from the Orient. But no. We have Steve and Jon. But hang on. They’re overseas investors too. Ah well. Never mind. Keep fiddling Steve. You’ve fiddled for long enough. Why stop now.....
  5. But it doesn’t. Explain how Lansdown is different from any of the other owners. Unless I’m missing something. Ok so the fact that he’s Bristolian (I guess) and he’s not from the “murky” Orient, or “murky” US or “murky” Russia - or any other murky ******* place might make him different. And I’m not for one minute saying he’s murky or has murky intentions - but he’s simply ploughing money in - yes, covering losses - his business, his business decisions, his losses . Bit like chasing a debt. Keep betting Steve, you’ll eventually back a winner....... Nothing irrational in at least my mind. But I don’t see how different Lansdown is to any other owner. Many years ago when I was but a boy there was a larger than life, curly haired, cigar smoking, Mercedes driving man who ploughed money into what was then a Great Mills Western League side - who remembers Great Mills? WTF did they have to do with football? Where are they now? Anyway I digress...... What happened when the man with the money left? The teams he’d been associated with no longer enjoyed the same level of success. The players moved with him. Moral of that. It’s all about the money. Up and down the triangle. Money, money, money........
  6. You sure? Absolutely sure? He’s not in it for the money? As I said. Like Lemmings....... If Lansdown had any interest whatsoever in the football or the supporters why have complete control? Why buy up all the BCFC 82 shares? Why acquire ownership through an offshore multi-layered company? How is that so different to any other foreign or non-dom owner? I’d love to know......
  7. And therein lays the problem. Here in BS3 and in football in general. Through lemming-like in action BCFC supporters and supporters across the UK have been blinded by the tempting sweet taste of the promised land and allowed “the men with money” to takeover football. Lansdown, Levy and the bloke from Starsky and Hutch. They’re all the ******* same. No real interest in football. Only interested in making money. We sell out and sell our soul. And they buy it. And everything in sight. Too late. The horse bolted years ago.
  8. There’s a similar thread in the Archive section. Sadly I suspect this sort of thing was - and might well be - rife. The individual of whom I was aware of as a child was a prominent figure who was involved in the local boys’ league, worked at what would now be known as South Glos leisure facilities and raised awareness of child abuse through fund raising for the League of Pity - part of the NSPCC. Innuendo and inference was common but it wasn’t until many years later was David Lawrence prosecuted and imprisoned. Yet this was a monster who appeared to be closely associated and presumably welcomed by organisations who should have known more and frankly did better. But I guess what better way to present yourself as a figure of respectability by working within the community and organisations who you’d assume would have the best interests of children at the forefront of everything they do. Those that stand up and expose these individuals for the type of people they are deserve all our respect and thanks. And as for that ****** on a Vespa? I hope he’s been able to live with himself.
  9. Blimey. I thought I was alone saying that sort of thing. He might be from Senegal. He might live in Knowle. But for far too long the ****** wouldn’t have looked out of place running around up at Redcatch Park on a Suburban League Saturday. The majority of the squad. largely assembled by that ******* inept idiot Ashton and financed by the equally footballing inept Stevie simply aren’t good enough. Good enough to turn in week in week out performances. To keep us in the Chimpionship let alone get us promoted. Let’s not hide behind injuries or FFP. They ain’t good enough. And what’s even worse is the Killers has been put back by another year. I can imagine the Guernsey Groan when Steve received the email from Ticketmaster...... Steve to Jon. **** I son. We got to wait another year before we get that pay day. Jon to Steve. Hang on dad. Let’s try and get that other evangelist. No dad not you. That Biily Graham chap. He packed the happy clappers in all those years ago. Steve to Jon. Great idea son. Get that Ashton chappie on to it. Tell him he’s got free reign to offer whatever he wants. And **** me. The Ls have still got their hands firmly on the teats of the BS3 cash cow.....
  10. And he also said “let the game pass us by”. Hmmmm. Ring any bells? That’s not just the playing squad is it Nigel? The same can be said of the clowns in Guernsey and the besuited clown who wears the brown brogues. On the green stuff we’ve been collectively passive for ******* ages. We let the game pass us by too many times. Times when we should have invested and recruited better and more wisely. What did our “leaders” do? They spunked the opportunity up the wall. Sold off the silver and replaced it either has beens or “ones for the future”. if I was Nigel - and I’d agree with what many will say - thank **** I’m not - I’d only be here next season if I was given complete responsibility for all aspects of footballing matters. We’ve seen too much meddling from ******* who know absolutely **** all about football for far too long. I hope he’s given that opportunity and that responsibility.
  11. We are. Have to show some faith now Steve has at last shown he does have some spunk. Next thing we need is to see Ashton **** off and allow someone with credibility and who has had some success where it matters to get on with the job he’s been employed to do - without tinkering or interference. Few years back I made the trip to Middlesbrough on a cold wet windy night. Christ the place is grim but I recall a win and play off hopes lived to fight another day. I’m going for a fired up and convincing victory. Colin will go apoplectic. Fammy hat trick........ Ever the optimist. It might end up like Saturday..... please no....... In Steve we trust. He knows what he’s doing
  12. Nope @Harry This is a shit show As I posted yesterday..... And S is for Steve. In whom so many blindly trust.....
  13. It is too late. Was too late a long time ago. S is for Steve.... right in amongst it....
  14. Well well well. Stevie has spoken. Twice. Now ok this is horse shit. Not bull shit. But you get me drift. I’ve had a good day. First time for ages I’ve not bothered to either watch or keep track of the score..... This photo? S is for shit. Horse shit. Another day another inept performance. Keep it up though Steve. We’re ******* proud.....
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