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  1. No - official attendance is different to actual attendance
  2. Pretty much. Outside dolman the bloke who checked mine clearly didn’t give a toss. No verification of who I was vs pass (assumed he would check my ST as was told to get that ready).
  3. Very hard when said player has had plenty of clubs at this level (including an unsuccessful loan from us) and we are the only one to pay a fee for them. We aren’t in a strong position.
  4. Benarous showing other ‘flair’ players how to put a shift in and show commitment.
  5. Also played a very few for Exeter at the end of his career. Maybe he had a bad night out here
  6. No which would have made sense. Wolves, West Brom and Walsall in a similar area
  7. Don Goodman hates us doesn’t he? I thought he used to be relatively impartial.
  8. Benarous showing a lot of seasoned pros how it’s done
  9. Red Army 87


    Good shout - sounds as if he’s certainly been involved in lots of areas already. Not a cheap team though I would imagine
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