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  1. Me too my friend. I actually went to one & it’s very well organised but Ashton was the guest speaker & whilst he could talk, nothing he said came true.
  2. Watched it earlier and was a great recommendation & loved the managers straight talking (great character)
  3. To only have one team conceding more than us clearly shows where our problems are. The frustrating thing is that as Pearson is a central defender, I thought we would be hard to beat and score against and that’s my biggest disappointment. As @Davefevssaid to play Vyner central after Brum was plain stupid. With us having no money he spent £1.7m on Atkinson and he’s now not a starter. In addition he resigned Simpson all to boost our defence who also doesn’t start. The injury to Baker is devastating as probably our best defender and would make a huge difference. From comments, I don’t think we will see Baker again this season. However, with such a small squad and playing 3 at the back we are desperately short of options. We have no idea if Cundy can step up & god help us if we lose Kalas. No interest in recalling Moore but with Towler needing development, is he a better bet to have in the building although our cost base increase if we recall. if there is a deal to be done for Palmer in swapping with Harlee Dean on loan then do it as whilst not reducing our wages, it gives us another body in an area that we are exposed in and nets out the same as nobody else is coming in for KP.
  4. Seri away with Ivory Coast so one less top player to worry about
  5. Wouldn’t disagree but seems weird that we have 2 keepers on the bench which he still doesn’t make. Wouldn’t ever be near my starting 11 as too immobile but strange not on the bench if not injured.
  6. Strong team and personally would have rested Kalas. No fan but where the hell has Bakinson disappeared to as not seen seen since contract extension. Have I missed an injury update on him?
  7. There are numerous car parks dotted around the town centre and all within a 15 min walk. The closer you get the more restricted you are as becomes very residential and permit parking. The ground itself is an eye opener and view isn’t the best so my advice is towards the back gives you a better view
  8. Personally thought that was one of Kalas’s worst performances in a city shirt. Should have been the spare but was caught ball watching and poorly positioned on multiple occasions. For £8m he should be more comfortable with the ball but doesn’t want it. Just had a mare which in fairness is very rare as mr dependable. Atkinson not at it at all & always seems knackered so not sure if he’s really over his Health problems. Vyner just seems so fragile as in something goes wrong and you see confidence ebb away.
  9. Think the decision to leave JD as 4th choice confirms he’s done under Pearson. I’m so disappointed in Pearson as expected so much more in terms of points & performances & when you have a small squad you have to find a way to get best out of everyone which he hasn’t
  10. I was as bemused as everyone to see Pring not starting and now all is revealed. I’m sorry but if you are fit enough for bench then you can start. No idea what reasoning for Prings decision is but surprised he was on the bench as we need people to be ready to fight for the cause. At face value Pring doesn’t come out if this well
  11. Shuffle


    Thought he was superb today and looked a real threat with his strength and pace. Been critical of him in the past but was a handful all game and my mom. Well played Antoine and we forget he’s only 21 so lots more to come.
  12. In fairness Martin wins a lot in the air but Offers no threat in general & think I saw has 1 in 12 games which was a pen. We need to go 4-3-3 with Weimann central with Semenyo & O,Dowda as front 3. Personally think Martin is selected as much for his defending set plays as he is for offensive ability
  13. Fevs you can swap it to another game rather than lose it but very kind of you!
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