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  1. There’s no way we can play king & James as our shield. King wasn’t bad but he’s not particularly mobile and I’m hoping Williams is the long term solution. Nagy for me the better bet until he’s fit.
  2. Superb performance & if you’re good enough you’re old enough. Has everything you need to become a top player.
  3. 2 x 6ft 4 CBS & we still concede to a free header
  4. Not in the game & looked lost. I’m not sure if he’s a tricky or pacy winger as not seen either albeit in the limited time he’s played. If he’s anywhere near the starting 11, I’d be amazed but clearly NP rates him which from his perspective all that matters.
  5. Pearson,Palmer,King,Simpson non existent. Benefit of doubt as first game but Simpson pulling a parachute . James looking good and centre backs very solid but in fairness Celtic all over us
  6. Palmer with horrendous challenge ….. very crude
  7. Have to say you only realise how good someone is when they aren’t there. Prior to last season, was never one of his biggest fans but we certainly missed his energy and he has yet again proved that I know very little about football. Great news
  8. Played as CM for Saltford, Long Ashton, Paulton ,Brislington, imperial United & ended up at Stockwood Green (with Fevs) ... was a ball winner who just give the ball to those that could play, so very limited. Sunday’s were more fun as less serious & played for Keynsham Sunday, Broomhill , TM Ceramics & had a great season as an old man at 3 Lions
  9. I got to admit that I’ve not seen him live but this season alone he’s been getting great reviews. Know a parent of an u23 & he was amazed he was released
  10. Like others, I’m staggered we are releasing Harper as he’s been outstanding first half
  11. I would hope he was but the fact that the club have said he wasn’t on garden leave, does this mean that Ashton actually is? Surely, if he’s here until 31 May & to quote JL the trust is there so no need for Garden leave, so would assume talks with agents would be his last act?
  12. Was a brilliant away day & top result. Only disappointment was not selling our end out but boy were we loud that day
  13. Louis Britton scored again but don’t know who else
  14. Back to Lansbury,He’s certainly improved & thought he did well yesterday. The pass to Conway was brilliant. Wouldn’t offer him an extension but no where near as bad as some say
  15. I think decisions have already been made as was told Watkins was politely asked by NP to get in touch with his agent & find another club!!
  16. 100% agree and I’m still in the Pearson is right man for job camp. We need decisive action from SL to give us the structure to take the club forward & then let the rebuild begin
  17. Fam has played the fans all season about wanting to stay, numerous egg timer tweets that implied signing. A time at the gate that started brightly, saw him win POTY to one of disgust from most fans as no excuse for lack of effort as that’s inexcusable. Should be remembered fondly but won’t due to last 3 months & rightly so
  18. Remember the last win at Brum & how outstanding Palmer was & then in 3 out of our last 4 he’s been sub. Gregor says he was struggling with hip injury but Is it just not selected? Love KP but last night was a disgrace and unforgivable & even I am losing patience with him
  19. Barnsley stayed up in last minute of last season & this season in the play offs. Point I’m making is that if Pearson gets a window, bombs out the leeches who are Ooc, gets his own coaching staff in & get injured players back all of a sudden it doesn’t have to be the depths of despair for next season. I don’t think Pep could get a tune out of this lot but keep context as with 14 injured this lot aren’t good or mentally strong enough
  20. I’ve been a big fan of KP but that tonight was unforgivable, idiotic & unprofessional. I know there are lots more problems than this one incident but why has he disappeared from team & love to know what he’s like in training and his attitude as no manager is having him as a regular starter. Has the most ability in the squad but could become another JET with inconsistency
  21. Bentley sess/Kalas/Vyner/Rowe Lansbury/HNM/Bakinson Semenyo/Wells/Palmer
  22. If Hunt gets a contract, I will start to question Pearson’s sanity. I’d play Sess at RB as don’t want to see Hunt feature again.
  23. Been very reliable in the main and was a great free signing. However, now’s the time to thank him and move on as not going to take us forward
  24. That’s a great picture and some good players on there & some long time City fans. Sandringham team from Briz but no idea how hibby snuck into the picture as the token gas?
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