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  1. Bakinson cannot play in a 2 as has zero mobility. No doubt he has talent when passing but when we play 4-4-2 he should be no where near the team.
  2. Yes do remember that & we were desperate as you say for an away weekend
  3. Understand what you’re saying and posted that talent isn’t enough and he was poor today and is totally inconsistent. Being a fraud and not being value for money are two different things. Aside from today,I’ve never questioned his desire and work rate even when things weren’t coming off for him. For the fee and salary paid he certainly hasn’t proved value for money but that’s not Palmers fault, as that’s down to LJ and Ashton.
  4. I was told by a good source who you know from OD that he asked to play. He’s not a fraud for sure as shown he can be a top player but running out of chances. Hope I’m wrong and NP gets him going again for our sake as no question over ability
  5. @Davefevsno good Palmer being good against an awful Hull side last game & dreadful today after asking explicitly to play..I was a huge fan but patience gone & not because of an u23 game. Those two games and first team games show that talent alone isn’t enough. What has puzzled me is that afte 1 game for Jamaica he’s not been picked since. Not every manager can be wrong about him by not trusting him!!!
  6. Benarous looked superb & glides past people for fun. Tired in last 15 but was head and shoulders above anyone else. Pearson & Bell look miles off first team and as others have said, Janneh could have had 4 but was a constant threat. Kasey having asked to play for match fitness which is commendable, why saunter around like you were doing everyone a favour by just being on the pitch. Always banged the drum about him being our most talented player and being in our starting 11 but running out of patience with him. Wastes so many opportunities to keep the shirt and talent will only get you so far. I don’t think ever his work rate can be questioned (others will disagree) but what is appalling, is his the decision making of when to play & when not to and his pass selection. He certainly did himself no favours today.
  7. Not sure taking your best and quickest defender out of central defence was a wise move last night or in the future. Kalas recovery runs and pace get us out of lots of trouble & I’d rather keep him central as our insurance policy. No idea who to start RB but would probably stick with Vyner.
  8. If it’s only friendly then you’d think Kalas wouldn’t start, so that would be 6 days since last game, so starts for me. Too important to the team to not for me but if he plays tomorrow then would suspect he won’t. Bet the West Ham boys all start at the weekend & so should Kalas. I know your not saying he won’t but he has to if available.
  9. Really enjoyed that but Hull were a very young side against the experience we had on the pitch. That said there were some good performances. Janneh- what an engine and pace. Beats players through brute force but was very impressive Wells - great finishing & in fairness worked hard Williams - going to be pushing for a start. Mobile but can put a foot in Palmer - makes it look easy and so much talent & clearly confident in his ability against lesser opposition as was unplayable at times Allen - never seen him before but played CB and read it well & very quick Towler - very composed and dominant in air Overall as I said it was a strong performance against a young side & it was men against boys for most of it. Nothing to get excited about but some good performances on show.
  10. Best game today & thought we were signing Brunt mark 2 but so glad to be proved wrong. Intelligent footballer who clearly cares about our club.
  11. Superb signing & finally we have a presence in there. Can do the lot & looks quality & can see why Nige made him his number 1 target. On a side note thought King had his best game.
  12. Lots of players having their own threads but thought he was superb today. Quick and direct but also tackled well & looks at home in the championship. What makes it more impressive is that he’s playing out of position & best compliment I can give is that you wouldn’t know that. Well played Cam.
  13. Absolutely superb today and is a constant pain for defenders with his strength. Looks so much sharper than last season & looks a top player for us.
  14. It’s fine there and they gave you a free pint last time. But……..if you want a quick getaway then forget it as at the end of a bloody long road with all parking places before Gols
  15. Agree on paper he looks great but the biggest surprise for me is that professional clubs don’t agree otherwise he wouldn’t of ended up in Serie B. Baffled after the Euros why nobody came in for him.
  16. O’Dowda still not match fit & not involved on Saturday
  17. No O’dowda or Moore in this or did I miss them?
  18. Does anyone know for certain if this a free transfer or are people speculating?
  19. Personally would go with Bentley Kalas/ Baker/ Atkinson/ Pring HNM/ James Palmer / Weimann / O,Dowda Martin Not going to be pretty for sure but seems he is dead set against 3-5-2. Be tempted to take Scott out for this one & shows we are a wideman light as Semenyo not ready yet but NP will probably go with him.
  20. Deal fell through due to unforeseen circumstances
  21. Thank you mate as that’s really kind of you.
  22. Yes it is. He’s back for one more game & he’d love that
  23. Thought he was outstanding last night & lost count of the times he won the ball back for us. Very strong & got about the pitch really well.
  24. He certainly appears effortless on occasions. Bakinson is a funny one as clearly splits opinion as clearly you’re either in the “outstanding prospect” or”not good enough” camp. Certainly has ability on the ball but personally have major doubts about his mobility and work rate so guess I’m in the latter. Hope I’m wrong.
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