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  1. My favourite Derby win as broke to sequence of no wins. Made sweeter by the fact that most of keynsham at the time was Gas so had years of piss taking, cars outside house after games beeping horns to rub it in. What a night that was and revenge is sweet. Most memorable part was hugging Aizlewood and him saying “calm down mate it’s only a game!!” If only he knew and as others have said will always be the Gas as number 1 rival and frankly as I get older I dislike them more
  2. 7 starts ———4 wins. We are always going to disagree on this one Graham.
  3. No idea what edition if honest
  4. Funnily enough got a unopened one in room saying I’m no 10/50
  5. Fam despite being dreadful will play as Barnsley have 3 CBs over 6ft 3 ins. Comes to something when your striker is picked just to help defend set plays rather than what he can do offensively
  6. Been quick to criticise Bakinson but very good when he came on and tried to be positive which was a first for us on the night.
  7. Why the hell leave us in a 3-5-2 ??? We need a goal or at least something positive and as if he’s given up. If Palmer played like Pato there would be an outcry on forum. Been absolutely awful
  8. Had HNM over Bakinson but that would be my starting 11 too.
  9. I’d like to see Harper as that’s his position. What pathway does he have? We have 5 LBs out and then play a lad 2 years younger in his position despite never playing there before. I hope you’re right but if I was Harper I’d be looking for an exit as if he can’t get a game in these circumstances then he never will. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Reds apply across all completions but yellows are relevant to competition I think
  11. Well I think he should start on Saturday but another who finds himself on the easier to drop list! Holden preaches about possession of the sort & yours to lose but doesn’t practice it with everyone. I suppose MF is the one area we are blessed with options but it seems others are persevered with more than others.
  12. Was very good v PNE, created a goal v Huddersfield & decent at Millwall so he certainly contributed to wins
  13. Started 5 games in a row which included 3 wins and seems to be scapegoat after Derby and reduced to bit part role again. Play him as a 10 in a 3-5-2 & if he fails in his best position after a run of games in his then we know that we need to try and off load. I’m not saying he’s the messiah but just get frustrated that he seems the first one dropped. We certainly haven’t improved since he’s been out of side and he equally needs to learn when and where to play and appreciate he can frustrate but he can beat a player and pass. Am I in minority or do people feel he’s had enough chances and isn’t the answer?
  14. It’s easy to jump on bandwagon of saying players are poor. Taylor hasn’t been great for us and looks nervous but last night I thought he was excellent
  15. We lost to a team who beat Man Utd at OT a couple of weeks ago!!!
  16. Well it certainly cannot be any worse. Both have pace and movement and after Towler tonight, Bell must be due a start or more than 5 mins. Fam was clearly playing for a Jan move and effort levels dropped significantly in last couple of games. Louis Britton is another I’d like to see
  17. When Pato was free and he went on his own summed Wells up .......me first/ team 2nd. Score then and it’s a different game & agree, he doesn’t seem happy here & whilst I feel for him when played wide, him and Fam were dreadful as a pairing but who else have we got
  18. For anyone who has seen Ryley Towler play what’s he like? Is he quick, aggressive, good passer or anything else worth knowing. Has he ever played LB or LWB before as thought he was a CM converted to CBS’s? Brilliant to see another Bristol boy from academy get a start & good luck Ryley
  19. Louis Britton probably be in & around squad now ..... injuries are beyond a joke
  20. I have to say I agree with @Oléin that we can all get behind a strategy but there isn’t one. The shows are good value but I do enjoy podcasts more when Rob is on them as share lots of his opinions & like his directness but look forward to episodes. I think Robs mood was influenced more by SCP beating Benicia rather than Brentford!!!!
  21. A poster on Twitter who called Owura starting before team announced saying Martin, Sess and Lansbury all injured
  22. Now probably clutching at straws here but could he come in as our left back. I appreciate that he’s 5th in line to the throne but hate the thought of no natural left footer in team and astounded we didn’t get a loan in. is there anyone who has watched him got an opinion as to whether he’s ready or not. The fact he’s not been training with the first team suggests he’s not rated but he’s 20 now & rapid from what I’ve read about him & just desperate to see some balance in team
  23. Bolasie never played for weeks but Warnock starts him .....I get match fitness is different from training but if you are a good player then he’s got to have an hour in him. Adrenaline alone and experience will get him through it & as you say playing will get him match fit
  24. I think I must be in a minority as just not having him. Tall but not great in air, so slow and doesn’t tackle. I appreciate that he has ability on the ball with passing but not enough to warrant the amount of starts he’s had. Holden is hanging him out to dry as built him into something that he cannot deliver against.
  25. I want to come on here and talk about pride and passion & playing for the badge but quite simply we aren’t good enough !! We are rotten from top to bottom and I have no confidence in Holden and the most depressing aspect is I’m starting not to care !!
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