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  1. That he DOES NOT like being asked how long a player will be injured for!
  2. Luckily before I was born. I’m 26 and all I remember is the sags being total dog shite.
  3. Without getting too scientific/philosophical, where do you stop? Dopamine = want more of said thing. Sugar = high dopamine Sex = high dopamine Games = high dopamine Alcohol = high dopamine Gambling = high dopamine Heck, a goal for BCFC = high dopamine
  4. Yes half hourly Edit: Or maybe every 20 minutes
  5. Great question! I have no idea, it’s a vintage circus.. help?! Ridiculous ideas only
  6. This is the most obvious point to be made, which I agree on. Both are legal though, so how did they draw the line? Both are also prevalent in football.
  7. Non football related I know, apologies, I’m going to a ‘vintage carnival’ tomorrow and need some casual candy dress. Any ideas where I can go Saturday day?
  8. Close. Garita was retweeting every single tweet sent to him when he signed. Obviously 99% of them were welcoming him to City, as he didn’t understand English someone quickly came up with the idea to tweet him saying “Darrell Clarke w@nks off dogs” and it was retweeted. Our official Twitter then came out saying it wasn’t the real Garita account, which was nonsense and ridiculous as it had years of personal French tweets prior, so was obviously his real account, he was just unaware of what it meant. If @BRISTOL86still has the original photo then that’d be great.
  9. Obviously wish him well but glad he won’t be fit vs us
  10. Last time it was a Gas fan pretending to support Portsmouth, this time it’s Brighton. I know it’s embarrassing to admit but really(?)
  11. I watch the Quest highlights most weeks and have noticed the co-commentators call us Bristol more often, but when it gets to the Gas they specifically call them Bristol Rovers. I can only assume they forget about the Gas when we’re on, and then remember about us when the Gas are on. OTIB.
  12. "My day has ended down Trashton watching some boxing, I’m so upset I don’t even have the enthusiasm to sh** up the walls of the bogs."
  13. Melt. Down. https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/18575/bristol-rovers-leyton-orient-thread?page=5
  14. Talk about self fulfilling prophecies, Barton’s initials are ‘JAB’
  15. How much taller is Ashley Cole?Helps being a great player, obviously, but height isn’t everything.
  16. Who would’ve thought when signing a 37 year old
  17. Helps watching some of the top athletes in the world playing for your team
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