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  1. 3 minutes ago, SecretSam said:

    Nope, I'd like the industry gone, too. But that's unrealistic, so certainly much more heavily regulated. And taxed. Trade in human misery.

    Without getting too scientific/philosophical, where do you stop? Dopamine = want more of said thing.

    Sugar = high dopamine

    Sex = high dopamine

    Games = high dopamine

    Alcohol = high dopamine

    Gambling = high dopamine

    Heck, a goal for BCFC = high dopamine

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Wiltshire robin said:

    I don’t understand why they would ban betting company sponsors for moral reasons but it’s still ok to be sponsored by alcohol which ruins millions more lives a year ?

    This is the most obvious point to be made, which I agree on.

    Both are legal though, so how did they draw the line? Both are also prevalent in football.

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  3. 2 hours ago, slartibartfast said:

    At the risk of getting a big "whoosh" can you tell me where this "dog fetish" thing with Dopey originated, was it based on some kind of truth (however fanciful) or just a random stick to beat the idiot with ?


    49 minutes ago, cityal said:


    Garita offered to retweet messages from fans when he first arrived
    One of our fans sugegsted he retweet "Darrell clarke w##ks off dogs" and Garita did so without really knowing
    The tweet was hastily removed (I presume when someone at the club explained what he had done)
    The meme stuck though

    Close. Garita was retweeting every single tweet sent to him when he signed. Obviously 99% of them were welcoming him to City, as he didn’t understand English someone quickly came up with the idea to tweet him saying “Darrell Clarke w@nks off dogs” and it was retweeted.

    Our official Twitter then came out saying it wasn’t the real Garita account, which was nonsense and ridiculous as it had years of personal French tweets prior, so was obviously his real account, he was just unaware of what it meant.

    If @BRISTOL86still has the original photo then that’d be great.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Simster said:

    As someone later points out, because it's so obviously a troll post:

    "Guaranteed to add another 20 pages on OTIB"


    But I bet he wasn't expecting it to be because of a post from OTIB's resident arse-licking Swindon fan.  Your posts on here are the cringiest, most bumlicking posts I've ever seen on any football forum ever.

    Last time it was a Gas fan pretending to support Portsmouth, this time it’s Brighton.  I know it’s embarrassing to admit but really(?)

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  5. I watch the Quest highlights most weeks and have noticed the co-commentators call us Bristol more often, but when it gets to the Gas they specifically call them Bristol Rovers.

    I can only assume they forget about the Gas when we’re on, and then remember about us when the Gas are on.


  6. 3 hours ago, Phileas Fogg said:

    I'm looking out for Sunderlands results for this reason. He seems to have recruited well this summer and they're currently top, albeit after a handful of games.

    Promotion will be expected in a competitive league so he needs to deliver this season. I think LJ, like his dad, might actually make better transfers when he doesn't have a big budget. 

    I thought I was the one obsessed with LJ  😉

  7. 1 hour ago, JBFC II said:

    Very much a stereotype, and one which will change over time. 

    In fact, at the moment, a day out at the rugby is much more of a draw than a day out watching City, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they averaged higher attendances this season than City, despite the lower season ticket sales.

    As rugby continues to grow, it will become less of a game for the upper class, especially in the south west, where there are many more high quality rugby clubs than football

    Helps watching some of the top athletes in the world playing for your team 

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