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  1. Funny how we take 4500 to MK, 150 miles away, but less than 10% to teams u north
  2. Have to agree this is a misfire from you NTTDS. 750 is more then respectable.
  3. “Mendy allegedly raped a second woman last month, while he was on police bail.” Was he not denied bail? Source
  4. Extra points to people that come up with ones that aren’t just footballers traits
  5. It's a well written rant, but you, me, anybody knows what actually happened. Pure rumour and speculation. In the mean time, he's actually putting a good squad together and getting some decent performances and results together. Getting some decent performances and results together? I'd argue the only decent performance so far was the first half against crisis club Oldham and the game against Cheltenham's reserve/youths in the tin pot trophy. Other than that we got outplayed by Mansfield with barely a chance created, outplayed and lost vs Stevenage at home, lost the game conceding 4 goals in 25 minutes vs Exeter and couldn't beat a team who finished 21st in League Two last season despite having a man advantage for over an hour.
  6. Some fans forget how long this is. They haven’t averaged 10k for 50 years. They haven’t averaged 20k for 70 years.
  7. Why the **** would we send young players to a convicted criminal, among other reasons(?)
  8. Please please please make sure the phone is muted. Last game I had a young kid sat behind me on his phone, fair enough, except I had to listen to the same awful ******* 6 second jingle on a loop for 90 minutes. Nearly went mad.
  9. What have you been smoking Ska
  10. I wouldn’t say he needs first team football for another couple of years, at a maximum. If he isn’t our number one by then then I’d assume he’ll leave. In 2 years time, Bentley will be gone or we will have improved, leaving room for Max or we will have surpassed Max.
  11. That’s on the way back. They were going to go via Croatia and train there rather than be stuck in a U.K. hotel room.
  12. I have never seen you post a positive thing in my life
  13. Can’t wait for your coverage of the Olympics 2012
  14. leon clarke scores after 45 seconds....
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