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  1. "Leaving them loads of space down both sides, rubbish" "Another pathetic display." "Awful so far , should be 2-0 down" "Have we kicked the ball at their goal yet?" "3 at the back definitely not working this afternoon so far." "Awful so far … thank heavens for the terrible miss by Nichols."
  2. Game very bland so far it seems. Crawley with the 2 best chances. Update: Rovers under the cosh vs Crawley reserves
  3. This is right, I too do not remember what one
  4. A draw vs Barton & a pizza win vs Cheltenham u12s has got them very confident. Unfortunately, with Crawleys injuries I feel they probably will win anyway. "Guaranteed win !! Got good vibes about today and seeing Stu has started the thread as well it’s gonna be a win and a big one . 4-0 Gas , Pitman 2 , Nichols , Finley . "
  5. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/iconic-and-vibrant-goalkeeper-kits-unleashed/
  6. Would’ve been 0-0 if Nagy was playing
  7. Harry Kane left mid, what on earth
  8. Another apparent quote from a City fan. Either the most dense City fan or an Ipswich fan trying to put 2+2 together and making 5. ”asked a BC supporting friend about this. His take was that the fans who don't like him thought he was smarmy and didn't keep his promises. He did recognise that the reasoning was more down to economic and operational restrictions rather than anything that Ashton was specifically responsible for. At the time I equated it to MM - he did the best that he could with the resources that he had, it's just that wasn't always in line with some of the unrealistic expectations of some fans”
  9. “Had lots of calls when Ashton was appointed, "Has the snake ruined your club yet?" was a question asked many times... after a very poor transfer window for City when a complete refresh was needed the same as we have done hasn't materialised they have gone very very quiet. I believe they replaced Ashton with a cricket guy and the Lansdowns seem to have their attention to the Bristol Bears and there are a lot of unhappy City fans at the moment.”
  10. Haha laughable, to the Ipswich fans reading this.. post this on your forum FOUR successful signings out of SIXTY EIGHT credir @Davefevs
  11. Even considering we had 3 senior players in the starting 11, 6-2 is a good score seeing that 1 of the goals was a 2nd minute penalty, and we played the entire game with 10 men.
  12. EFL aren’t fit to tie their own ties
  13. Definitely more chance then others I agree. I still, somewhat, see why Madrid are willing to spend to secure him.
  14. It'll be a free for all next January. Half a dozen clubs chucking 1m a week at him.
  15. 18 players over 25. Cook used the size of Ipswich's bloated squad and number of loanees as an excuse for their poor performance after he came in last season. At the start of this summer he said he wanted and was looking forward to working with a smaller, more tight knit squad as that's far more conducive to getting performances and results. Since then they've filled and exceeded reasonable squad numbers again and used their full allocation of loan spots. Either Cook's arse has fallen out, he's that drunk that he doesn'tremember what he's said or Ashton has morecontrol of their transfer activity than Cook does.
  16. I think Weimann probably knows all the words, he’s becoming more Bristolian by the day
  17. https://twitter.com/officialcufc/status/1432368757217824775?s=21
  18. They have to be the most deluded, self obsessed bunch of fans I have ever came across in my entire life. Imagine being so self obsessed, and paranoid, that you honestly think a manager would come to your club as some sort of self depreciationing espionage, burning his own career, just to make Bristol Rovers suffer. They're ******* mental. "Has anyone considered the fact that JB has a hidden plan to finish us off? When he was at Fleetwood and he visited the Mem it was obvious to all that he was hated by us. Maybe he took the job out of a deep seated plan of revenge! First of all get rid of the players who fans haven't been too keen on (looks good for him!) but then underhandedly replace them with worse! Play a system that doesn't work, make us the laughing stock of all leagues with his 'We are definitely going to be promoted' speech and make weird contradictory after match interviews just to give other teams something to laugh about. We have lost ALL our credibility and now have a totally divided fan base. He has added NOTHING to the club and with his upcoming court cases will make us the pariahs of the league. We are slowly becoming the old Millwall of Div 2, everyone will hate us and add more effort to beat us - although as in my first statement - JB would like to get us out of this league............. and into non- league. Then, and only then, will his mission be completed. The man is an evil human being and not only should he be sacked by us he should also be banned from ever going to any football ground, even as a spectator. "
  19. "If you put Klopp in this job, or Guardiola, and you give them the resources we’ve had, and the exit strategies of 28 players leaving out of 34, they wouldn’t take the job, because they’ve obviously earned the right not to do that, but I don’t think they would be able to turn it around quicker than we can.” “It’s frustrating. I like winning games of football as a coach. I’ve been a lot more used to that than I have since I came to the football club, but you can clearly see that there have been long-running issues at the club; stuff that in my opinion has been really negligent and poor and certain departments." https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/joey-barton-certain-right-man-5845293 Entire first paragraph aside.. he really is a knob isn’t he, everyone else’s fault.
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