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  1. Until very recently it only shown content with your specific search terms, so “BCFC” would show both, but “Bristol City” would only shown us. This seems to have changed in the past month.
  2. Must’ve changed their algorithm to include related tweets rather than explicitly what you searched for(?) Odd, probably a ploy to get more subtle screen estate for ads
  3. I think he’d be a great Director of Football, we need both right now, I don’t see a better option.
  4. So Pearson, Smith missing, lerma on the bench. Not much in the way of defensive midfield Looks a touch lightweight Surprising line up. Any news on why Smith and Pearson aren't there? I'm assuming because they aren't on the bench they have knocks of some kind so it isn't a tactical choice. Hopefully back in time for Tuesday. Yes - midfield potentially creative but missing beef. Can see Lerma on as sub despite his TransAtlantic trip. Great to see Gav back and even better to see Stan on the bench......we might see Parkers system at its best today....a proper no.6 in Killkenny and two attacking no.8's.....looking forward to it.....well the first half anyway.. 4-4-2? Two forwards starting. BAck four as standard, Christie and Anthony wingers , billing and Kilkenny in the middle. As mentioned midfield a bit lightweight but a nice attacking line up. Not sure how Brizzle play but can't see it being a ' bruiser' type of match
  5. I don’t really think the league matters, it’s more so the form. We took 5000 to MK Dons in League One when we were flying high. I doubt we’d take 1/3 of that to Watford if we were bottom of the Prem.
  6. Often used in the British phrases 'poncing about' or 'poncing around', indicating that a person is acting childishly, dangerously or not being serious about the activity at hand.
  7. I think you’ll find it’s above average actually. If we were to divide by miles travelled it’d be even better.
  8. Adam Baker ps what the **** is “the football content award”, can I make my own award show for favourite laces? psps looks like a community club hall with a load of random middle aged men. I applaud the effort but prestige this is not.
  9. Kid on the left has this years England shirt on
  10. Unfortunately, Carlisle one of the only teams in worse form
  11. Hahahahah, ******* brilliant, oh the gift the gift
  12. We saw it with DC and BG. GC was given more money on top of the £2.65 DC had spent within the playing budget to keep us up and would have had funds in Jan too. PT was given resources but didn’t bother using it unless his name was Jayden Stockley. So it comes as no surprise to me that Wael is backing JB for now given that we are still only 3 wins away from knocking on the door of the top 8, we have half the first team out injured, players that would be in the starting line up for sure and with a run of home fixtures to come.
  13. It's shit & stings your mouth. At least you 'look cool' whilst smoking, what's the excuse for this?
  14. Out with the other half now unfortunately, thanks anyway!
  15. Wasn't going to go as I didn't think I had the time but I'm now considering it. Only 90 minutes away if I put my foot down.
  16. https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/16373/bristol-city-dustbin-thread-obsessed?page=1
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