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  1. I’m not even left wing, I’m a centralist so the fact you said my imagination whilst assuming my political stance is quite ironic.. actually, it isn’t.
  2. I always find it funny that people like you shout from the roof tops about others being offended/snowflakes, yet you’re the ones that are outraged at the most ridiculous things.
  3. What are they laughing about? They think Lansdown would sell his prized asset that he’s been working on for countless years to any old billionaire? He’d make sure we were sold to good people & we’d probably be in a better position than now.
  4. We’ve leaked goals the entire time we’ve came back up other than one season with Webster.
  5. This is why I will take the piss out of them no matter what league they’re in, they say they don’t care about us but the second they get even half a chance to make a comment they’re all on it like blue add flies. They can’t ducking wait to try and gloat, which is fair enough, I do the same, but the only reason we have this big Dustbin thread and they don’t is because they’re the gift & we’re not.
  6. Coventry out sung as last season for the full 90, they didn’t stop once. Best home atmosphere I’ve seen in years.
  7. 3100 sold as of this afternoon according the Sunderland forum
  8. I was in the pub with one screen & there was 70-100 people watching, those viewing figures can be bumped right up
  9. Are we really going to get ****** by ANOTHER bullshit penalty decision?
  10. Only 50 minutes in to the seen, but so far, Sykes is exactly what I expected from COD for all those years.
  11. Other than a through ball where Vyner fell asleep + that mess of deflections at the end, what chances did they have exactly?
  12. Bit dodgy last few seconds but in our defence there were a couple of deflections that landed straight to the Hull players in the box. Solid defending nonetheless.
  13. Vyner is still a bit of a bomb scare, my only real concern so far. Scott hasn’t really got in to the game but that’s somewhat expected of a CAM.
  14. Hull forum saying they have no LBs or LWs, maybe part of Pearsons thinking in starting a more attacking player at RWB.
  15. Large gas explosion this morning on Boothferry Road, eastbound near Heads Lane just after Humber Bridge roundabout. Road currently closed.
  16. Naismith & Atkinson both left footed Hull play(ed) quite defensively last season, 3 at the back too, maybe it's just a tactical choice.
  17. Anyone else's Bristol Sport pages lagging? I can run videos in 4k on YouTube, but the Bristol Sport site is slower than dirt.
  18. I assume he means Ashton & Johnson but may be wrong
  19. 13:15 when x player isn’t spotted coming off of the team coach
  20. I had a bloody stupid feeling that we’ll turn them over, based on a somewhat irrelevant score at the back end of last season, the amount of signings they’ve made + how depressed and downbeat their manager was last week. 5-0 Hull incoming.
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