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  1. And we haven't lost any Premier League games. Have that.
  2. Warnock might not fancy us being the biggest blot on his outgoing CV. Let's face it, if any team is capable of completely going against the trend of Warnock's ability to get teams out of trouble it's us. If it does come to it and we have to to make a change I'm at a total loss who'd be a good choice and whether it should be short or long term. It's a complex situation which I guess someone like Warnock though would be happy to do.
  3. Yeah, it's mad to think that had we not conceded the injury time goals against Blackpool, Luton and Forest we would have an extra 7 points. The game against West Brom would have billed as a top six clash yet the difference between us couldn't be any greater really. I still think the Forest game left the team really deflated and made the game against West Brom worse though. We may have still lost by same anyway but I'm sure the actual showing would have better.
  4. He was realistic. And i like the fact he never tries to make out we were in it like some managers do. But it also feels too resigned to losing today so despite the Tanner sub offering a bit of if you don't perform you are coming off it felt a bit pointless doing it. But maybe it was a case, he's young and inexperienced at this level saw him struggling a bit so just wanted to shield him from some of the worst of it as he sees him as main RB going forward for now. I think the players were completely deflated from Tuesday. I think had we won we would definitely have given a better showing today, not to the point where we may have felt like we had a chance of winning but just a better performance. It was really poor today.
  5. If I was a Luton fan I would have been gutted to not come away with something from that and go back there. We simply were not good enough tonight. Really frustrated aswell that I've seen quite a few sides against us now just pick the ball up in midfield and knock it to either wing with ease. We play very narrow , and alot of teams exploit it easily.
  6. https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/george-tanner-at-morecambe-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics Good analysis of him here. Says primarily a right back who can play higher up but can also go left back.
  7. Flagon

    NP Song

    Here's to you Nigel Pearson, MacGregor loves you more than you can know, oooowoahhoo.
  8. Oh hi Nigel, nice of you to pop on the forum. You go for it. With the benefit of hindsight we reserve the right to say it was a stupid idea after of course if it all goes wrong.
  9. Flagon


    So the majority of the league is ahead of us....but only 3 points off the top, I'll take it
  10. This is true though. We seem so far away from being clinical enough, and dominating enough that it doesn't really matter of if it's last minute or not, we have always been in danger of a good result just drifting away from us for a long period of time now
  11. I wonder if part of Ashton's legacy he negotiated a sell on clause
  12. That's nothing he does double that in a game for us.
  13. Will feel right at home here then. But seriously, looks a good signing.
  14. I hope there is "due diligence" and "rigorous process" for the next one. When Rolls put he was a Specialist in hamstring injuries we obviously got the wrong idea.
  15. Horrible to lose to two rubbish goals but the effort was there. Really held shape well pretty much throughout. Disappointed we passed to everyone apart from Diedhiou and I felt he gave up quite a few times when it wasn't going to reach him rather than just getting on with it. Bournemouth have some good experience in their side, if we keep the effort up we should have no problem picking up more good results.
  16. Or could be just one long drawn out **"*""" elllllllllllll lasting 5 minutes . So I've got players out of position, players playing who don't want to commit , can't wait for Wednesday morning.
  17. I think even if Warnock was available he would look at the next 3 fixtures and say let me give it some thought. We have a pretty decent record against Middlesbrough but would be amazed if we got anything this time. Swansea and Bournemouth I worry could be humiliating if the players can't focus on some of basic stuff like passing more than a few yards.
  18. I'm already looking forward to his cameo performance deep into injury time on last game of the season.
  19. This is something I've always found strange with football. The pay in the game is extremely good compared to other professions and yet they seem to collectively down tools when the going gets tough. If they don't like it , why can't they think I'm going to play my way out of this club by playing to the best of my ability and get an even better deal somewhere else. Getting so hacked off with the apparent reaping of wages off of us like it's a bloody saving account until they waltz off into lower leagues or nowhere living off what they earned here.
  20. Yeah I'd love to hear that too. I'd love to hear Twentyman play back sound bites from that last interview he done where he was trying to justify the "due diligence" they had gone through and the aims for the coming season.
  21. Great analysis. Something I've thought for a long time with our play is some players are really tame when trying to regain possession and also when in getting the ball under control going forward. Just way too casual and not fully committed which leads to so many missed opportunities to either prevent or score goals.
  22. Definitely. I have very rarely seen O'Dowda have a good game. I said when he finally signed a new contract that the best thing about it was we would now hopefully get some money for him . I'm not blaming him for this particular game but we have to put someone else in that position regardless. Pato is a luxury player in these circumstances without the hard shift Weimann puts in so Dean really needs to have a think about this area. We still have Nagy and Massengo available who I think would offer better midfield qualities than O'Dowda. The goals were so poorly defended but I think with a midfield that static that was not pressing it was an easy route for three long passes to bypass midfield.
  23. Thoughts go out to you and your family at this difficult time.
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