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  1. Thing is There will be some very big clubs looking at him and if the price is right we will sell Im not sure what AS earns a week but as a local lad starting at the club my guess would be 5k tops Unless City up that to 20k and that’s what a decent striker can earn in the championship he will have his head turned by other clubs Shame Ad he could light the club up next season
  2. He was 65 Been poorly for some time. Played with him in County darts and many times against him. An outstanding talent and right nice bloke. RIP Mike
  3. Personal view is he must stay. I cant think of anyone out there who would want the job knowing no money to spend and maybe a couple of our best leaving. NP has resingned himself to that.
  4. Cardiff have sold 2400 the maximum City allow now
  5. Why do I get a feeling this will be called off tomorrow because of Covid?
  6. Excatly that and yet many fans still bemoan the owner!!! We would be gone without the Lansdown,s. A striker could be on the cards if we get rid of Palmer, Dasilva, Vyner, Simpson, Wells but what are their total worth? And who will want them?
  7. The Gas called off their fixture against Crawley on Wednesday They must have it bad up there
  8. What will be interesting is to see how many Huddersfield fans will now travel now that the new variant is running rife! They don’t normally bring many anyway. My guess a hardcore 200 odd Thoughts ?
  9. And they don’t go on the piss for 4 hours before hand
  10. He is dreadful Slow and no fight Legs like bamby Going be king season but he must be dropped
  11. First names on the team sheet I’m warming to Vyner at right back With a choice of Atkinson Kalas Baker Tanner to make up the defence Scott Williams James Belerous Id drop Weimann for Wells Martin doing well up front
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