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  1. This is a truly awful stat!! 16 games 265 days since Jan 2020 when City last won at home!!!! And to think the all time British record is 21 held by Sunderland Thats too close for comfort for me. Those Gasheads would have already started frothing at the mouth at us creating that sort of history
  2. You of course are kidding Alan? Jacki was without doubt one of the best talents i have ever seen in my 40 plus years following City. He could turn a game on a sixpence and he had what many aint got nowadays is flare and passion. He was loved by us fans, and will always live in our hearts as one of our finest ever players.
  3. Tomlin at a guess on 25k week Peterborough would offer 5k tops Derby can’t afford anything
  4. bye https://www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk/news/lee-tomlin-departs
  5. He wasn’t but was swapped for Wells before kick off
  6. Thought we looked clueless apart from James and Massengo Upfront NOTHING And let’s all be honest Martin and Weimann will never be the answer. This could be a very long season and my personal feeling is we will be a bottom 6 side
  7. That’s how thick that daft **** is They are 16th ffs
  8. Crawley can hardly raise a team today as they have so many players out injured Think the Sags will win this easy Bloody hope not though
  9. It was a great moment when he joined us. He brought a wealth of experience adn was one of the worlds top keepers. I rememeber him getting out of his car at the back of the Atyeo and hundreds of City fans were clambering for a chat and photo. Put us on the football map somewhat
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