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  1. Lad was brilliant and very confident when he came on Must start for me
  2. Wonder what sort crowd we will get ? id like to think 10,000 but doubt it
  3. Wonder what the crowd will be for the Villa game? Loads i know going, ill go for 8000 plus Villa sold theor allocation of 1000 in 7 minutes. Reckon there will be plenty in home areaas
  4. Vyner at right back, Simpson too slow
  5. You have to feel that if he pleads or is found guilty of this latest charge then Rovers must get rid of him You can’t have a man in charge who has been found guilty of assault charges? My guess he will plead not guilty and it will go to Crown Court Still needs to be sacked though
  6. Both blackpool FC and Swansea FC have had positive Covid tests over the past few days meaning players have to isolate. Is this just the start of things for many other clubs as well? I can see loads of games being cancelled up to 24 hours before hand which is bad enough for home games but imagine paying for trains, coaches and perhaps accomadtion for away matches!!! Its a big big "piss off" but quite frankly i cant see nothing but a season of disruption
  7. Bentley, serioulsy loud and can see everything that is going on in front of him
  8. Hasn’t been training with Oxford past few days Reckon announcement today
  9. Didnt realise hes only 29!!! Lots on social media saying hes choosen City because they are going to offer him a three year deal. Hes well settled in the City and i personally think this is the right move. Weimann, Wells, Martin, senior strikers with Semenyo, Conway, Britton, Bell as back up. Just need to sign a strong target man.
  10. He’s a free agent and won’t be in a position to demand huge wages anymore
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