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  1. Still something ain’t right Why has JM been sacked???
  2. What a wasted chance CH would be a superb appointment Seriously pissed off now
  3. Hughton 6/1 for the Watford job https://m.skybet.com/football/manager-specials/event/26090617
  4. Or those dozy egg heads over on "Gas Chat" have decided to get involved
  5. Thats a huge majority in favour of CH. And 1700 plus fans voting is decent numbers. But do anyone think the club will take any notice of it? #bloodyhopeso
  6. If there is any sign that CH will become our new head coach he don’t seem to be strongly linked with any other jobs going about I live in hope
  7. Sadly I don’t think that will be the case if the club give DH the head coach job
  8. Has anyone else noticed that Championship clubs are now lining up players to move on and bring in? Via Twitter admittedly but is all this bollocks in us trying to bring on a head coach going to put us well behind in the transfer market? Doing my head in tbh
  9. Not if a vaccine is found and it seems we are close. Could be back to full houses by Christmas
  10. Gregor saying DH is on holiday. If this is correct and the club want him as head coach then surely he would be in Bristol, photo shoot, up on the roof, interviewed and so on in readyness for pre season next week? Something just aint adding up here. If an announcement was to be made then surely it has to be this week???
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