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  1. Don’t understand the big thing around KP hasn't set the world alight and is held in such high regard around our fans. He’s a luxury who doesn’t produce enough, technical ability isn’t doubt but his product since coming to the club has undoubtedly been poor.
  2. Another one for the “most ridiculous threads of 2020”
  3. Embarrassing for the goal, been on the pitch for 19 minutes and can’t track the of the cb. Constantly seeing people saying he should start etc but he’s done nothing in a city shirt since signing and is a luxury player who doesn’t work nearly hard enough.
  4. Bs4Red


    Discussion I’m having with a couple of chaps has led me to get my coaching head on and consider what we need in January and it’s crazy that since the start of the season we are the 2nd top goalscorers in the league. “But we need a 20 goal a season striker” However conceding 30 goals leaves us as the 7th worst defensive side in the league. Having spoken about ball playing centre backs and playing out etc. Is it maybe not more important to become tougher to score past? Leeds who are top have scored 2 goals less than us, however have conceded 20 fewer goals. Just a bit of perspec
  5. It was a comment in jest my friend, the fact is he has done well but my point is he is a poor ball player which is proven on nights like tonight. He has done okay, he’s part of the seventh worst defence in the league and remarkably if it wasn’t for the goals were scoring I feel the defence would be ripped to shreds
  6. Don’t disagree about Bakers passing and never will however I think baker is literally an out and out defender who isn’t expected to play out. Agree Kalas has been a big loss. Thought Nagy and HNM were awful today which probably contributed but stand by my opinion that it’s an area to look st if we are going to build from the back
  7. Exactly my point mate and we’ve replaced him with an aged centre back not renowned for his ball playing exploits so either way the recruitment of Williams was wrong or when we play with him and baker we shouldn’t play out as neither are very good at it. Just my opinion
  8. Recycled because the build up was so slow which made it easy for millwall to put 10 behind the ball. He might try to play out but I don’t think particularly well. It’s a massive area for improvement imo Is Williams not Webster’s replacement theoretically?
  9. One pass in 95 minutes mate. Compare to Webster and come back to me
  10. You are joking?!? Him, Baker and Bentley will be the players with most touches for us, neither baker or Williams brings the ball out. They’re more comfortable passing it back and forwards to each other until one clips it long.
  11. For me the reason we won’t make the play offs again. Too often do we take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Its so hard to put a finger on how different the same team can look in the space of two weeks. From Brom away and this evenings appalling performances there were two quite magnificent sandwiched between. You can spin it any way you like, injuries, tiredness etc but that is the difference between top 2, top 6 and top 10. The only saving grace it seems is many teams around us are also stuttering. Hopefully we can find that formula again and put a consistent winn
  12. Thought him and baker were much of the problem this evening. (Along with everyone else) So slow and laboured on the ball real lack of quality which made it easier for Millwall to plug holes and make it even harder to break down.
  13. Bentley 7 Hunt 6 Moore 8 Kalas 8 Baker 9 Rowe 7 Brownhill 7 Massengo 9 Palmer 6 Weimann 8 Afobe 7
  14. That is everything you need in this league to succeed. Brilliant performance with very few negatives, could nit pick that we sat back too much but away at a strong side with a 2 goal lead it’s not very surprising. Thought we massively deserved to be ahead at the break and frustrated Derby all night giving them very few clear cut chances. Some massive performances for me, Massengo (absolute player) Baker (Rock) The more these boys play together the better we will get. Bring on Saturday and another 3 points on the road
  15. SL alluded in his interview about how our relationships with bigger clubs have taken us into a different world in terms of players. No rules would be broken if Chelsea had ‘recommended’ him and in honesty I think it makes perfect sense. I’m not saying that’s what happened etc but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him end up at Chelsea in a couple of years for 20m+
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