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  1. The squad isn’t great but it certainly isn’t a terrible squad. You have a man on 20 goals, 9/10 players who arguably could get in most championship squads. The man spends every single day on the training ground and we move the ball at half the pace every other side in the league does. He is a lot of the issue
  2. For me, I’ve said NP should have gone since January. Nothing has changed since his appointment, the football is poor. No real ideas, no pace in our play. The players are to blame too, but I cannot get on board with the “this squad is awful” etc Bentley, Kalas, Atkinson, Dasilva, Massengo, Williams, James, Scott, Weimann, Semenyo, Wells are all arguably good enough to play in decent championship sides. Yes we have some garbage too, but when you have a striker scoring 20+ goals it shows there is a half decent side in there somewhere. I have zero idea who could come in and improve us but imo honest opinion NP has had a lot of time for a bloke who’s not even had a new manager bounce. I would be happy to just watch a team play with a bit of passion and organisation right now.
  3. Id be gutted if we ever seen him in a city shirt again. The few games I’ve seen on sky of hearts he’s been very suspect too.
  4. Bs4Red


    Over 2 years of watching him steal a living at this club. Surely he goes in the summer
  5. The fact he thinks Vyner has been standout is the most worrying part of all this, said it before and il say it again. League 1 at very best, weak as piss
  6. I’m happy we’ve won. I didn’t say I was unhappy. But the football hasn’t changed. I’m allowed to be unhappy with what I watch and still happy we won
  7. Papering over cracks for 45 minutes changes absolutely nothing for me. You carry on if you’re happy with what’s been served up for the past 2 years.
  8. Embarrassing all round, the team selection, the performance. Everything. Time for NP to go
  9. Bs4Red


    Year on, I stand by this.
  10. Decent performances hahahahahah
  11. Championship version of Mike Dean, wants it all to be about him. Bloke is a poor ref and arrogant ***** to match
  12. Bs4Red


    Cheers mate, like I said, I trust the bloke. He’s got 1 thing wrong but a hell of a lot right. It happens and will probably happen again, I post on here because I love city like many people. Whether it happened today or not certainly made for interesting reading and a lot of interesting points. As you said, Baker, Tammy, Fixtures, LJ etc He has been very very reliable Apologies though, wasn’t starting a rumour mill just passing on what is 99% of the time solid information. You reds, we go again
  13. Bs4Red


    As I said mate he’s been spot on every time he’s given me information. I pass it on as people are interested. Many others have heard the same today. I’d post his info again with no hesitation sometimes it happens
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