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  1. Already better than anyone else we have at RB. Didn’t look out of place and can certainly see the potential.
  2. Tanner has been very tidy. Looks a player, refreshing not having Vyner give the ball away every 2 minutes. Shame everyone else keeps giving the ball back to them
  3. Bs4Red


    This thread is literally from last season when I said the same thing you clown
  4. Bs4Red


    Can’t even pass the ball just lumps it away. Cornick turned him like he wasn’t there. Hes not good enough and being found out time and again
  5. Bs4Red


    Stand by this now more than ever he is absolutely embarrassing
  6. Started a thread last year and was laughed out when I said how bad he is. He’s showing it now.
  7. Vyner is an embarrassment. Can’t pass, can’t defend. Get him off. Bentley keeping us in this
  8. Vyner 0-4 passes. Absolutely embarrassing
  9. Bs4Red

    VAR 21/22

    Never a red. Perfect for the advocates trying to take tackling out the game. Unfortunate yes but even a foul is harsh imo.
  10. Great club longlevens, played a season for them while I was at Uni in Gloucester. Great people and we had a really good year.
  11. I used to run walking football for the foundation. I used to love it and so did the people getting involved. If a lot of you are finding the same problems with competitiveness and running. Could get an OTIB Walking football set up?
  12. Folding like a shoddily built Ikea deck chair
  13. Indian seamers bowled excellently so far this session. Building pressure and taking wickets. Bumrah very good
  14. Root being very positive. For me time to shut up shop and bat out the overs. Cant win from here but becoming increasingly likely we lose.
  15. Brilliant performance, wore them down by just relentlessly keeping the ball. Barely got out of 2nd gear. Got our goal and then floodgates opened. Perfect away performance and 4 from 4. Some people just want to slate us no matter what we do.
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