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  1. One has to start from the top. We can't seem to get the Management or the coaching hierarchy right.
  2. Yep. We aren't going anywhere.
  3. That appears to be correct. The drink in his hand on stage was actually apple juice. Searching the internet, past, less known, supporting acts all said the same thing years after DM's death. Engelbert Humperdink joked about the same thing during his Hawaii concert in 2018.
  4. Apart from being in Division 1 {Premier} for a blink of the eyelid to being in the lowest division for a short spell, nothing much really. The world has changed. Humans have walked on the moon; the music world changed with an Elvis and one can ask Alexa any question and be assured of an answer while sat anywhere on the Karzee. However, our team is in the same spot every year, same ground, with similar talent, albeit with different formation, running down the same wings, depressed or unhappy we aren't going up. And we sing the same song about a wee bird with a red chest, which we all get excited about. How many people jump off an infamous bridge?
  5. That's awesome. In them old days that was quite a drive to training every day and cars were not so reliable back then
  6. Has anything really changed, 60 years later?
  7. Lionel feeling betrayed after Barcelona can't afford his 59 Million p.a. Oh Dear, back to beans on toast on his luxury yacht further North than the Spanish Sun. I will get me Hanky out........
  8. Just shows SL knows nothing about footie nor his GM and board.....
  9. Isn't it the yoyo boys with Norwich, Fulham and Sheff U to name a few. One season your up then you are down. Its more of a financial committment these days to get to the very top. A club needs more than a Coach to get to the top but an effective board and Executive Management. Owner, Head Coach and Executive Manager needs to be in sync. Not a Wealthy guru, toy boy and a yoyo up/ down coach. Sorry, but that appears to be what it is......
  10. Now its public, for NP's agents to wait to hear if there are any other interested clubs out there.
  11. I heard it yesterday by the commentators on DAZN during the end to the MANU game
  12. Plus our first, what appears, non-yes man since Terry Cooper and Joe Jordan.
  13. Agreed. What an absolute mess. Needs a whole new management structure or a fantastic manager can come in and wont succeed. Coppell saw it coming which is why he left early.
  14. Who said about “await applications “ ? One should establish what they want in a manager and then go and get one. To identify the best person against no criteria is a guessing game and probably the same mistake our management has done all along.
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