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  1. Puts the disgraceful "professional" players from last night into perspective. You have demonstrated the reality of life whilst at the same time they are taking the money with no regard for who really matters - the fans. Please accept my condolences as a fellow City fan and I hope your family have the support and strength to get through this. Family is the core of our lives. You are a true fan and whatever it is about a football club it gets under your skin and you will support it through thick and thin. There is no logic. I just want players to play for the shirt and to the best of their ability, knowing they are just custodians of the shirt until they pass it on. They can make a real difference to how we feel and must realize the affect they have on our weekly lives. Remember when the players are gone we as fans will still be standing and are the true heart of the club. All the best to you and your family in these difficult times and let's hope City get to a place when you can happily return to support your club.
  2. All the clubs involved should be given an ultimatum, you go off to your mid week cash cow league and be expelled from the Premier and all league competitions or stay and take part in the greatest pyramid league in the world. They have to remember the league and pyramid system gave them the opportunity to become who they are, without the league they would be not and they need to remember this. Also they need to note that this move would sound the death nail for many smaller clubs. We are seeing the consequences of allowing foreign owners and investors who have no affiliations with the clubs or understand the concept of the pyramid (that allows anyone to dream of playing the big clubs) buy out our leagues
  3. You are right NP is what we have and there are plenty of experienced managers out there but I like managers who expects their players to work hard and he does this plus he is vocal on the sidelines. All of us love to see a manager Involved in the game not staring, hands in pockets, watching the game pass them by.
  4. I hope those responsible for recruiting realize there really isn't a short cut to experience and quality. Yes another season wasted but have they seen the light and are working now working on a longer period with NP at the helm. One thing any fan hates is watching players just taking the money, seeing players give their best whether winning or losing is what should be a given. Players need to be managed with a game plan that involves hard work and team spirit and we might just have found the manager that will provide this focus. Enjoyed the game today, proud to be red, COYR
  5. The situation with no fans is beginning to really scream. There is no way we would have lost 5 (at home) in a row if we had been there. I've come to realize how powerful we are, do you think some of the players (who aren't at it) would be in the team? We would have been a factor in deciding who goes and we would have voiced our observations on the day. That said we would have also lifted the team and praised those worthy of it.
  6. Odd how we could see he was playing out of position when a professional coach could not.
  7. Are these the same players? Excellent attitude and belief in first half. Any win against Warnock has extra satisfaction. It's a shame the club wasted time with their in house experiment - again. With someone to impress, a manager who will provide structure and discipline this team has shown what it can be.
  8. First of all the performance was abject from a team that lack many things but most of all team spirit. I 've been a fan since the 60's and experienced everything, even the club nearly going out of business and seen many abject performances and times when the crowd was not bigger than today but we are at another turning point. SL knows in finance you sometimes have to make a quick decision or the opportunity has passed you by, we need the rapid recruitment of a manager/coach or they will be interviewing for a 1st division manager!
  9. How many times do you see self made men appoint useless sons into a business. We are not out of the ordinary as SL is being charitable to family - it's a great shame he's put his son as a figurehead of BCFC and not some business where he could do no damage. For so many of us BCFC is part of who we are and it matters. SL you need to have people running the club who are firstly good at what they do, you trust and make you feel proud.
  10. The players have to be better than this. Are we are seeing the lack of good coaching and a positive mindset? It's desperate to watch. Well done City for taking the cheap option, again, when appointing coaching staff. Hang your head in shame Ashton, hang your head in shame. Every opposition keeper must look forwards to playing us as they can have a rest and won't have to wash their kit.
  11. When the club means so much to us the fans and it's part of our lives we need players who feel the same and show commitment to the red shirt they are so privileged to wear. Never leave the pitch at the end of a game without knowing you have given your all.
  12. Soulless club, rotten from the top bleeding onto the pitch. Holden took a chance he would never get anywhere else and - in your face. None of us blame him for seizing the opportunity but none of us like to see our team at such a low. Mr Lansdown may as well throw his money at a another sport - hang on a minute he already has but they Don't have Ashton as CEO and look how they are doing!!!!
  13. Ahh like the good old days - ones for the future - it's just in the next few years you have to put up with what you got.
  14. We seem to be going through the motions of expecting to lose, but hoping we get a chance out of nowhere that can change things. It's hard to watch a team with a blunt attack and selfish striker and few chances created which seem to be getting fewer by the game. Yes you need to start from the back and be organized defensively but apart from eager youth tonight a soulless, aimless team display. Entertainment is not expected anymore but a team that tries until the final whistle is always respected by the fans. The appointment of experience is a factor, you just have to take a jealous look at Bristol rugby and the difference a world class coach makes assisted by quality players. Yes it's cheaper but does the current setup realize that to succeed in football costs. They need to be honest and tell us what their real aims are. The Premiership is not going to happen with the current leadership - starting with CEO.
  15. There are too many strikers who can't score and even with fit players we are not good enough to challenge. To many nice things said about players who are not good enough Semenyo and Bakinson - his misplaced passes last night!!! Ultimately the manager carries the can and rarely in football do the in house chances work, just look at history.
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