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  1. This is certainly true, but I think a lot of people would say harrogate and barrow aren't as successful as the Stockports and hartlepools, even if current league position says otherwise. Averaging their league position and extending down to the conference etc, I'm sure Stockport would have an avg league position not too dissimilar from City's
  2. Agreed, it was more out of own curiosity tbh. However, seeing a club like Bournemouth having recent success ... to me I still see them as a small time club massively overachieving. Perhaps this is more to do with stadium facilities etc than historic league positions
  3. Agreed, think we are where we belong really. Certainly this is how I imagine other clubs fans who don't follow our daily running and finances/transfers closely would see us
  4. Of course its hypothetical, but without any teams from North and south playing in a league format, I'd say assuming for example 8th / 24 in one regional parallel league is roughly equivalent to 15th/16th out of the 48 teams across the parallel leagues is the easiest way to approximate. It could equally have been the case that in years where city have succeeded (e.g. recent league one winning season) that had all 92 league teams played in 1 league we may have finished higher than 45th. However, we didn't play in a league with championship teams so to assess us as better is not possible, but likely probable. As detailed in OP stats are obviously not the full picture. The stats simply show the average league position city have finished each season. It doesn't claim we are the 42nd best club, in which case your point about clubs no longer being in the league is more valid. As stated in the OP the reason for selecting the start date as opposed to the date they got promoted was to give an unbiased representation. It was the date for introduction of a 92 team league system and so seemed an arbitrary point to start. I'm sure selecting different start dates could be applied to make it look more or less favourable to city, however as we currently have 92 teams in the league system, analysing since introduction of 92 team league was my goal
  5. As mentioned above, the positions have been calculated from 1950/51 season. If you're going to include pre war time and pre 92 team leagues also then you're going to get a very scewed data set. Citys first season in the football league, there were only 36 teams over 2 divisions. Inclusion of this information does little but skew the data. Would say if you were to include this information, you'd be better off calculating a relative position in the league, then estimating a league position finish as if there were 92 teams. City finishing 16th out of 20 in the second division of two 20 team leagues (as in 1912) should not really be used to bring citys average league position up really and show us as more successful? If anything finishing in the bottom 10% of the whole league system at the time is probably better shown as an 82nd/83rd position really. Hence why started in 1950/51
  6. Through boredom more than anything I decided to do a little analysis of Bristol City's historic league positions since 1950/51 season (the first year with 92 teams in the league) and thought I'd share the results. Things to note: In the first 8 years of analysis, there was no division 4. The league was split into a division 3 North and South. When working avg league position during the time city were in division 3 South I have doubled the league position and subtracted 1 to give an approximation of where we ranked in the football pyramid .. e.g. 1950/51 season city finished 10th in division 3 South. In this scenario I've given them the benefit of doubt and therefore ranked as the 19th best team out of the 48 in the 3rd divisions. From analysis of the 71 years using this method citys average position in the footballing pyramid is 42nd best team. This today would give us the final relegation position in the championship. Further to this, during the 63 years in which there has been a 4 tier professional football league structure in the English league, City have spent: 4 seasons in Division 1 32 seasons in Division 2 25 seasons in Division 3 2 seasons in Division 4 City have managed to make the top 6 in the second tier 5 times in their 32 seasons in the division, and just once since promotion to the top flight in 1976. Since relegation from the top flight in 1980, city have spent 2 years in tier 4, 20 in tier 3 and 19 in tier 2. City haven't finished above 13th in the league pyramid since the 92 team league came into action. Should finishing above the relegation zone therefore be seen as a success for City? Is this how other clubs view us, and why Johnson got credit when we missed out on the play offs by a whisker and reached the league Cup semis? Because to most clubs we are a struggling division 2 side? This has just been shared for info and worth remembering stats do not however tell the whole story! If city won the championship next season, they would then have to win the Premier league every year until 2104 before our average league position since 1950/51 was 20th (final prem spot) ... however some may say this is distinctly possible with Pearson as manager, so long as he lives for another 83 years as City manager, living to 140.
  7. As far as I can recall, London and Manchester are both located in England
  8. Any news on this one? Is he another free agent to leave the club then?
  9. Well tbf, he's not going to come out and say he hated the club while he was still here was he? Also as someone who doesn't support City, why would he want to stay when premier league clubs are after him. If I was a pro player at QPR, and they turned down 6 million quid and stopped me moving to play in the prem and making a bucket load more money in the process, I'd be pretty peaved too. Not a personal dig at you, but I'm always baffled when fans expect a player to love their club as much as they do. For them its only a job and bettering of their career and securing their financial security for their family. Also players careers are so short that 1 year extra at a club doesn't sound much, but when a players prime last maybe 5 or 6 years its a big commitment
  10. Still improved their position from take over didn't he? There are plenty of successful and established clubs down in the lower half of the English leagues nowadays. They do seem to feel they are somewhat entitled. I hope so much they make a sunderland til i die season 3. Be interested to see LJ behind closed doors haha
  11. I do hope you're referring to AFC Wimbledon and not that awful club MK Dons?
  12. They were really scrapping the barrel to make 10 weren't they
  13. Aged 8 or 9 playing centre back ... our right back took throw in about 10 yards back from half way line in our own half. I took a touch then in standard junior football fashion booted the ball as hard as I could towards the oppositions goal and ended up lobbing their goalkeeper. Also not so successfully, when tracking back to clear a long ball played over our defence I tried to clear the ball back up field over my own head and managed to lob my own keeper from about 40 yards
  14. To continue the tangent, what iron where you using? The number of people I see with a new fancy iron, and a substandard ironing board
  15. 100% the role of the manager ... unless you're Nigel Pearson in which case you're given a free pass on bad results as it's still Lee Johnsons fault
  16. Liked the old badge, something unique. Now i can barely tell the difference between ours and Brentford and half the football league. No one laughed at the old one or had any strong feelings against it so what was the point in changing it? As for our identity as a whole. Entry music now some standard generic crap. Awful commercialised half time music and entertainment. Its sad to see how commercialised the stadium and club has become. I remember going as a boy and half time was the cheerleaders, on numerous occasions have seen the wurzels playing, even remember someone parachuting onto the pitch for half time. I'd love us to come out to rockin Robin or the wurzels, to return the stadium back to its former self, wooden seats re installed, smoking to be permitted again and to actually hear drink up the cider at the end of a game more than once a season! Get a local bristolian in reading the half time scores and teams ffs.
  17. Its also a team that would get relegated next season with a record low points tally IMO
  18. Ah, yeah agreed. If Pearson sees all the young players as ready now then could be exciting few years to come
  19. Not sure what this thread is getting at?
  20. Without reading back over the whole thread again, can someone fill me in on the gaps. So far I've ascertained: @freezer has decided to get a ST for the rugby instead of City. @steviestevieneville has indicated he wishes for freezer to have a yacht accident due to his glory seeking tendencies. This has since been confirmed as a joke from blackadder. He is also a fake glory fan and would get more gratification supporting Man City? @freezer has disagreed that the comment was funny. In turn adding his own joke to the forum. We've learned F likes comedy about masturbating at the doctors for which @steviestevieneville has disagreed is amusing. Posting this on a public forum has no doubt got many peoples minds going. I think there are still many unanswered points that need to be ironed out before the thread can be closed. 1. Are masturbation jokes superior to blackadder? 2. Should all who enjoy rugby have the same final destination style ending? 3. Do I need to start a new forum if I decide to/not to renew? 4. Would Freezer get more enjoyment supporting Man City? Over to you gents ...
  21. Sadly I think the MLS sums up everything I hate about modern football. Money, Money, Money! I'm almost certainly in a minority id imagine but I think Id get more enjoyment watching City in league one. Can't stand the current crop of lazy, over privileged players, and feel like there is less of a divide between fans and players the lower down the leagues you go. I absolutely love non league football as its reasonably priced, entertaining football and when you're down to tiers 8 and 9 the players are there because they love the game, not turning up for a pay cheque. I've seen more passion in the tool station league than at City in recent years and the MLS is just about buying names and players move there for an easy retirement and to live the Hollywood lifestyle
  22. whatever gave you that impression?!?!?
  23. I've decided not to renew. Got a season ticket while I lived in Southville. Have now moved to BOA and given the last year I'd rather keep weekends free to see family and friends. Given performances over the last 2 years I'm perfectly happy only going to a handful of home games when it suits and not feeling tied in to going. Will return to my goal of completing the 92 and try tick a few more away grounds off for a nice weekend away. Atmosphere tends to be less toxic at away games and always makes a good day out. I hope many more have realised how unimportant bristol city are in the grand scheme of life and how little we really matter to the club as fans nowadays and chose to spend the time and money more wisely
  24. We got battered by Swansea and he wasn't manager vs Boro. If you look at it with a sense of realism, yes we hit a bad run. But we wouldn't have lost every game from then on.
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