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  1. I checked Teletext too and nothing either
  2. Agree with you on these players but would add the following Vyner getting better this season but for me needs to work on his concentration as tends to turn off during games. Bakinson frustrating player undoubtedly has the talent to be a great player but as times can be really lazy and languid needs to learn to play for the whole game. Massengo for me has been brilliant never stops trying and one of the best players this season, perhaps needs to calm down at times but at his age he's gonna be a star. Semenyo does everything right apart from his shooting but have a feeling that will come with good coaching, not surprised other teams look at him over the years... Will be better once we get Dasilva, Williams, O’Dowda & Martin fit like you said but for me a big miss has been Weimann not until he was injured did I realise how much energy and positivity does he add to the team, he never stops running and trying unlike some of the players we have...
  3. I get think there will be a different feeling around the club now and with the players, would imagine certain players will not feature for the last few games and most of these will be glad to see the back of. We all need to get behind NP now and trust him and hope the Club (SL, JL etc) get behind his vision of how we improve to get where we want to be. if it involves slightly higher wages to get quality in then so be it (wages not bigger transfer fees, as felt the wages was always why we don't attract quality player) certainly give the club a brighter feeling than when we appointed both LJ or DH (as felt disappointed in both those appointments) I understand some of the fans will not be particularly happy at NP being appointed manager as the recent run has been poor to say the least, but will judge him next season not on trying to manage the shower of shit players we have now (the legacy of MA, LJ & DH)
  4. Great News we all need to get behind him and hopefully SL will give him the means to push the club forward in the right direction..
  5. Good news lets hope he's supported to the full going forward...
  6. Absolutely love Scott Murray but he would not be the answer, The trouble is the problems are bigger than just the manager its the Owner, Club management, the staff, the mentality to be honest most things are wrong. the Attitude of the whole club has to change and until then it don't matter who we have in charge. SL has took his eye off the CLub and let MA, JL, LJ & DH destroy our club. the rot set in years ago and has continued until its rotten to the core. Never in my 45 years have i ever felt this disgruntled with the club
  7. Todays second half was utter shit and its the Players that bottle it they have no fight and are spineless... Question for all those saying NP should not have the job then who would you like to come in?
  8. Look Rotherham have Barnsley, Brentford, Blackburn, Luton & Cardiff lets be honest it will be a miracle if they win all of them given there recent form, if they do fair play to them.. we are in relegation form but we are unlikely to go down with so many teams below us, think everyone needs to calm down a bit. we just need to concentrate on getting season over and getting rid of 95% of the shit we have in the club. Personally think its between Rotherham, Wednesday and Derby who goes down...
  9. Utter shit we are the worst team in the league....
  10. Shows how crap we are when we can't beat the bottom team when we we winning...
  11. Don't get playing Famara unless he's being told to play him? We are so bad it is truly terrible and with 4 games to go (and can't see us getting a point out of them) think we're gonna be getting very worried when the last game kicks off...
  12. Looks to me hit the bar but he was stupid to have his hand up there... Think bents reaction says it was bar not hand as he can't believe it....
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