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  1. Having your knob chewed off by a shark or a crocodile
  2. I'd rather of kept LJ than make Holden manager
  3. at least he's got a promotion on his cv
  4. Agreed. The ingredients are there - long serving manager, replaced by assistant. I think we will really struggle
  5. Trying to be optimistic for a bit, just imagine the bounce if the club does announce Hughton
  6. ....will be necessary to maintain your sanity next season
  7. Coronavirus was around a few weeks ago when Johnson was sacked. Ok - LJ had taken us as far as he could, but he was also a (relatively) safe pair of hands. We'd be in for the standard winning runs, followed by losing runs, with a upper mid-table finish. Tbf if the virus was going to stop us signing someone decent, I'd rather keep the cash we paid to buy out the rest of LJs contract, give him another year and then shelled out on someone who can give us a reasonable shot at promotion season after next.
  8. If Holden had been announced a week after LJs departure, ok I'd be disappointed, but at least the club could credibly claim that was the plan and he was the man to take the club forward. Now, after all this time, it looks like desperation. I'll support the team no matter what but I worry for us next season with Holden at the helm.
  9. I wonder if this is one time that the club's desire to 'do things the right way' is going to work against us. Look at Huddersfield - they obviously had their new manager lined up before the ditched Cowley. In our case, I can imagine the club hierarchy wouldn't want to go behind LJs back and look for a replacement before actually sacking him and the result is now, 5 weeks down the line we still don't have a new manager. If we do indeed get Holden permanently (which looks distinctly like a desperation appointment cos everyone else fell through), Lansdown/Ashton have to have a serious look at how
  10. Wish thatchers were our sponsor
  11. At least we're assured of a top half finish. Glass half full etc
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