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  1. We don't need to get an underground to improve public transport - simply an integrated ticketing system would be a start. In any case, I accept there will be some journeys that you need a car for, but I know there are many times that people drive when it's not really necessary. I worked with someone in Weston who used to drive the 1/2 mile to the office. When you consider the time to park and traffic, it'd be quicker to go by bike/about the same time to walk - and reduce congestion. As @Red-Robbo mentions, if more people who are able to get out of the habit of taking the car everytime, it'd make life easier for the people who really need to drive
  2. Along with the reduction in capacity, the government has also introduced '2g plus' rules - meaning you have to be vaccinated/recovered and have a negative test. Unvaccinated people are now completely excluded. https://www.dw.com/en/bundesliga-stadiums-to-restrict-attendance-amid-germanys-covid-19-spike/a-59999526
  3. The city would be much nicer with much fewer cars - more space, cleaner air, fewer accidents. Certain people need to drive (people with disabilities, tradesmen with van loads of tools, delivery drivers etc.), but many journeys can be made walking, cycling or with public transport. Granted the public transport system at the moment is not fit for that purpose, but with improvements it could happen.
  4. Taking Croatia's group as an example. Fifa rankings: Croatia 15 - England 4 Russia 34 - Poland 27 Slovakia 42 - Hungary 39 Slovenia 65 - Albania 66 Croatia's group is clearly easier
  5. Was England's group any easier than Croatia's, the Netherland's, Germany's... in fact any group, other than maybe Portugal's?
  6. I've got a west ham supporting mate and they can get the home/away shirt without the sponsor on the front. I would love that option with city, and would def buy a shirt more often as it looks a lot better
  7. Nope unfortunately not. There's normally one tho, on those dodgy websites
  8. Totally f-ing annoying really. In Germany, its not on any channel, so impossible to watch it without illegally streaming
  9. The mathematics of the expanded 48 team WC is the worse for me... The group stages are the best part - where the upsets are made, 3 matches a day and the chance to see some fixtures that aren't normally played. If FIFA really have to expand it, I'd rather they went to 64 teams. Quality will be shit of course, but at least we'd keep the logical format
  10. Agree with this. Ultimately, everyone has to make their own decision on what steps they take to reduce their environmental impact. I personally think we are facing a very serious problem, so I have reduced the amount of meat I eat along with the things I was doing before (cycling, not owning a car etc.). I totally agree with the arguments made above about China's huge impact, and the hypocrisy from the rich + famous pisses me off too. However, I can only control my own consumption. I suspect that most people who use the China/elites argument to continue as normal don't really give a toss about climate change and are happy for the excuse
  11. it's depressing that we're only like a 1/3 of the way through the season.... We'll be lucky to survive. I think Derby's points deduction might save us, but we are really really poor
  12. The player ratings won't be pretty for Vyner, Bakinson, Wells and Martin
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