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  1. That stadium announcer.... its like playing pro evo 4 on the playstation
  2. Kane has had a much better match so far than the last 2
  3. Hardly a glowing prediction I guess it reflects the very tough draw we have
  4. Totally agree about Belgium. I wouldn't even say their first 11 is that strong. Ok they have a Courtois, Lukaku, De Bruyne, but he is injured. Hazard has been off form for ages. Ageing centre backs.
  5. Thanks Alex!! You've def raised my mood. Southgate should commission you to do the half time team talk I don't suppose we will finish bottom of the group, but as we all know, supporting England is 90% pain/disappointment. We've gone into so many championships with hope and come out with nothing... If we win that first match against Croatia though, the jitters will certainly drop away
  6. Tad ridiculous for Russia to get upset over this one. What's worse? Releasing a kit or actually invading a country
  7. He doesn't exactly look full of remorse...
  8. I think the bookies have us down for something stupid like 1/50 to get out of the group. I've got a rather strong bad feeling that we will struggle though. Croatia WC finalists only 3 years ago, the Czechs beat us in qualifying and Scotland will be up for it. Realistically we only need 1 win to get out the of the group, but lose against Croatia in the opening match and there will be a mountain of pressure on the next 2 matches.
  9. I was torn between White and JWP. I think in the ideal world, you would go to JWP, but White offers more versatility (can also play DM) and hopefully means Mings will get fewer minutes. We have very slightly more strength in depth in midfield than at CB, so I think White was the right decision.
  10. Ayyy Mings.... definite weak link.
  11. Barton camp (can't) go to football stadiums anymore
  12. Not unless he gets a tent ban as well
  13. That right back problem has sorted itself out then. Devastating for him of course, but now Southgate can bring in an extra midfielder and balance the squad out a bit. Hopefully he goes for Ward Prowse - for set pieces and the fact we have better players in Lingards position
  14. The magic's going to wear off pretty quick...
  15. Uff imagine going for a header and catching those laces in the face
  16. Coady I think has a role to play, especially in a back 3. He also seems like a decent bloke and a good leader on the pitch. Mings is just a thug, as we saw yesterday. Worrying thing is, he will very likely get significant game time, considering Maguire will be probably out for the first couple of matches.
  17. Probably because our defenders are not very good... But I agree - crazy to leave out Grealish or Foden to accommodate Mings or Coady
  18. on a more positive note, Bellingham has had a cracking game so far
  19. I think it's been pretty decent so far. Certainly not the turgid stuff we had in some of the last few matches
  20. Id rather play Mount next to Rice as the more attacking of the midfield 2
  21. Ridiculous cop out to take 4 right backs imo. I know Southgate has extra leeway with 26 places, but surely we'd be better served with another midfielder. I guess it means we will be playing 3 at the back
  22. If this is true, then that means Watkins is in. Good player, but considering we'll likely only play with 1 CF and Henderson is just coming back from injury, I think Ward-Prowse would be a better choice. Also for set pieces.
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