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  1. Seems to me we are not going to get any meaningful information from Pearson on pre matches interviews.Come to that I don’t think we will get much after the match either. He’s very polite but non committal.
  2. We’re 1.0 nil down. The ball is heading towards the goal. Lansbury gets back on the line to save a goal with his hand up. Is he a hero or villain? 2.0 down game would have been over. He knew the consequences. The refs decision was out of his hands.He’s becoming the latest scapegoat in a team where the experienced players can’t wait for the end of the season.
  3. The issue at the moment is that Ashton is the one who negotiates contracts, liaises with Agents and is the link between Owner ,Board and Manager. If he goes it will be at the most difficult time for the Club. Does the club have enough expertise to find a suitable replacement at short notice?
  4. We have ended up with our 3rd Manager. Untried academy players, loanees, players nearly out of contract, players not match fit, and players physically and mentally tired. Give Pearson the job now, or we will go down.
  5. Would like to see more physicality in the team bot those occ are seasoned professionals. It would mean taking a chance on replacements from lower divisions, young loanees, unknowns from the continent or 34 yr olds from the Premier in the last chance saloon
  6. There are quite a few clubs who have fallen from grace and even gone out of business. Bury, comes to mind. There are still Bury supporters and quite a few from other clubs recognise that true fans support the team not necessarily the people who run them. Ask the gas heads?
  7. We all know pro football is about money. But any fan who has seen their team go from top to bottom Is depressed. Some leave( City down to gates less than 4000) some continue and hope. Any team that gets back right to the top is to be congratulated. I as a City fan am still on the journey!
  8. What type of players does he favour, quick feet , physical, runners etc?
  9. I was at Ashton Gate for the rise to the first division. The excitement of getting there. Then the dreadful fall to bottom of Division 4. Rangers fans and staff have felt the same. Just think how emotional they must feel now after climbing all the way up. After many setbacks we are still on the journey. For now, well done Rangers ,Congratulations showing it can be done!
  10. We have had so many players with serious injuries this season, of course they’ve been missed. The issue now is how well have they recovered. Have they got the pace and stamina to challenge for a PL push?. Seems to me all those midfield players we had at the start of the season have a hell of a lot of work to do to change us into promotion candidates.
  11. MA executes the orders of the Owner and Directors. He at the very least has and continues to be decisive. Hence a wonderful working Stadium. Training ground and staff.He’s done more to modernise the club than any of his predecessors. He may feel another challenge awaits, if he goes,he will be a hard act to follow.
  12. Let’s remember we are down to the bare minimum of first team playing staff, with kids on the bench.NP will have to assess the injured players first. Next step (with Ashton) trim the squad. 3rd step bring players in with a large deficit of at least £10 million hanging over us.. When he’s done all that ,he made decide we can make a bid for promotion. Easy Job Management!
  13. The squad without the injured players is very thin indeed with some players out of position.NP usually plays when under the cosh.Could suit us. I realise that our coaches are less than popular but they are seasoned professionals and capable of drilling the squad to NPs liking. It’s now up to the Manager to get them focused and confident. It’s a bumpy ride.
  14. We need to ensure we don’t go down. That’s the first priority. if he does that he can assess the way forward. if we go down we won’t be able to afford him anyway.
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