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  1. I was impressed that Liverpool gave an award to Alan Alana. We are about to lose players and possibly coaches who have worked tirelessly for City and the community. It is inevitable that their time at the club would come to an end. It would be a great gesture if some sort of recognition was given to them.
  2. LJ can only use the players he’s got. Some have lost their touch at the moment. Back to basics and hard work which means without Pack and Brownhill probably five hard workers midfield and Diedhou and Adobe sharing the hard work up front one at a time.
  3. Watching mostly PL on television recently. It certainly looks as if a lot of players are bigger and stronger than those at City. Whilst appreciating that this is not the only asset players need don’t you think that we could do with some Muscle in the team?
  4. Be interesting to see how they progress until the end of the season. Especially if the rumour that they may use a computer to decide results if matches are cancelled.
  5. It’s very difficult for me, to provide a back track of Facebook and Twitter comments. I do however stick to my belief that comments to many sports people and others in the public eye are submitted to insulting and slanderous comments. Normally by people using pseudonyms. I have sports and political views which by the sound of it appears to be In the minority but I hope I don’t stoop as low as personal insults. I know it is emotional and naive but I do have a special regard for all at BRISTOL City and those who genuinely support them.
  6. I am sometimes ashamed of the personal abuse directed at LJ (whom I have never met )on Facebook twitter etc. ()As a fan and I do not represent any other fan, I wish everyone connected with the club and all of there supporters the best of luck. I believe many of us ,as fans believe that all involved are doing their best to turn their bad form around. If I thought otherwise I would not have spent 66 years wasting my time supporting them. I’m confident that anyone who felt the players were incompetent wouldthink the same. Undermining them too much (albeit we have our opinions) does not assist, i
  7. We don’t know what goes on in the dressing room. facebook Twitter etc are full of comments especially from people who wish to remain anonymous. People from all walks of life are complaining of the personal abuse they receive. i stated that I commiserated with everyone having to face up that defeat. i don’t represent any fan base and I certainly don’t agree with the vitriol that they sometimes receive. as stated I do agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s strange that you appear to take umbrage at that.
  8. The language which is used on social media sometimes is extremely personal we all have our opinions regarding the team and manager. I get angry when comments about individuals from all walks of life become abusively personal.
  9. As I stated we are all entitled to an opinion.
  10. I don’t know the players and I don’t know the coaches. Usually you only find out the truth months later. I see players lacking in confidence, not match fit and not taking responsibility. If this is the case then I’m sure LJ will sort it. He knows what happens if he fails. i only go to the occasional away match now , but you go with hope more than confidence. Commiserations indeed to the fans who went to Huddersfield, long awful journey I hope it doesn’t put them off of future trips.
  11. First of all commiserations to all the Bristol City staff ,players and coaches who have to go to work today. We, like all true fans are hurting as well. Please ignore all the crude undignified slanderous comments you receive on social media. we all have opinions usually without knowing the full facts, but we are entitled to them. Hold your heads up high. You were chosen because of your skills . Form is temporary. So now Work Hard. We are BRISTOL CITY ! We always believe!
  12. Just bought my season ticket for my 66th season. I do not think the current players are good enough to be in the Premiership. I do however think this is the best footballing squad we have had ever.No player worth 10 million wants to come and play for us.We therefore have to improve present and future ones. That is LJs and his teams role. Personally I trust him to do it. Incidentally I have never met him, but would be proud to shake his hand.
  13. with Hendrickson and Benkovic in fron the back 4. Paterson Wells.Smith. Diedhou up top.
  14. We are on the edge of the playoffs. There are no mug coaches in this league. We have a player with 11 assists. Don’t you think the other teams know this. We’ve sold a key player to get a striker. Don’t you think other teams know we have weakened mid field. It takes time to introduce new players into a team. Slowly we are moving in the right direction. Stick with it.
  15. We are similar to other teams in the division. When you’re up against 6 at the back it’s hard to break down. Dont make individual errors. Don’t throw midfielders forward when your ahead,. Remind your full backs that their first job is to defend.
  16. Ok We’ve won again, clean sheet. 3 new players, who you going to bench to put them in.?
  17. Agree he’s got 14 clubs in his bag. Won the last 3 with half a set. I hope LJ is prepared because he’s going to get some stick who ever he leaves out now! Should imagine the new players would be on the bench while they are assessed in training.
  18. Coaches and managers change frequently and yes it is a win or the sack culture. The policies are set by the board. We ,rather like Bournemouth ,have talented squad and good coaches. Thanks to Klopp and Pep we are seeing a more fluid type of football with young players. Sometimes form and confidence suffers. City are in transition, please don’t go back to whack it down the Channels. Stick with LJ and modern football it will come good soon.Always believe.
  19. At this juncture it’s probably just as well that some of our better players are still here. If we can’t get some in, don’t criticise the ones already here. We’re all a bit fragile at the moment.
  20. This was the same team that played last home game with one change. The majority of fans were happy. individual mistakes again and the loss of form by key players didn’t help. Messrs Lansdown and Ashton must use their management skills to steady the ship. Emotional outburst by players, coaches and fans do not help.
  21. Bailey, Nagy,Smith, Palmer, Eliason have had very little game time this season. Whilst agreeing that injuries have not helped .Football now involves usually 15 players in any one game, perhaps a little more consistency in team selection would help, especially in the middle of the park.
  22. If the kids want to light up the stadium and it doesn’t upset the players why not? We need all the help we can get! Better that than crude chants. Football is family entertainment we all get enjoyment from it in our own way..Keep the player chants up , Keep the noise up and let’s all support City together!
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