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  1. Definitely kudos for sharing on here, but those that were involved in discussions were specifically asked not to put onto social media, it will be interesting to see who the leak was
  2. Wouldn't it be great for Northampton to beat them this weekend, otherwise there's a danger they may hit form
  3. Correct, but worth adding this only applies to BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and Ch5
  4. Do we really have to have a post everytime he is on the radio? I really do not get the obsession with him
  5. I had forgotten the blind love in that a few posters had with Cotts Amazing how some people can only see the good in one boss, and then only see the bad in another
  6. Have you travelled back 10 months? Do you really think surfaces are a problem? Read the article, it mentions it being discussed. I think it's a fair point that it should have been discussed by now and possibly even be in place
  7. We see many questions on OTIB where it is clearly answered either on the club website or in the press, I wonder if people actually look for the answer? Is tomorrow on the red button :laugh: !!!!
  8. It's just as clear there are certain posters that come to life when we win that never see any negatives as much as there are those that only appear when we lose that can't see any positives. If you really want to see a bunch of narcissistic wannabes you should see the brady bunch that swarm all over the politics forum like theirs is the only opinion that matters. Luckily they don't dare debate anything football related
  9. You are making a point about people posting in the MDT, how do you know they are not at the game? It's clear from other threads in the past people are posting from the ground. Even if they weren't It's pretty appalling to imply their opinion isn't as valid, none of us know why they're not there or even if it's possible for them to get there. I think you are wrongwrongly assuming everyone that posts on here are local. I'm intrigued about your writing to a forum to ask who are season ticket holders. Why would you want to know that, do you know more than someone who goes to more away games than at home? out of curiosity perhaps you could let us know how long you have had a season ticket for please and how many away games you go to a season? Sorry to break this to you but if they hit the woodwork the shot was off target so we definitely weren't saved by the woodwork
  10. It's NOTHING to do with the club relaying the message, the answer is simple to find each time, but people continue to ask. Some people are simply just overly lazy Are you still whining. Jeez you really have issues IT IS EASY TO FIND THE ANSWER You had to make such a pathetic comment about paying
  11. Some people are clever enough to either check our official site or even the Sky listings !!! Amazingly it is clarified EVERY game but people still struggle
  12. Hello Mark, glad you went on the radio last night Amazing that some posters still blindly back everything the club does and says
  13. Do we honestly have to go through this EVERY game?!!! I often wonder how some people make it through life It was NEVER on the red button
  14. You really aren't the brightest are you. Stop whining and get on with it like everybody else did Calling someone a fool, what a sad person you are I don't think he'd want to stream it
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