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  1. Sounds like this could actually be the beginning of the endgame. Cogs starting to turn towards expulsion sooner rather than later? Seems a lot more bullish from the EFL than previously.
  2. 1986 V Hereford...Freight Rover Semi Final 2nd leg. Great first game. Thought it was always gonna be like that. Little did I know. 36 years.
  3. Boom! So obvious and this makes it all the more baffling why it hasn't been addressed since the last Ice Age
  4. Can't agree enough with this. The bottom line is the Board. And therein lies the problem. There is no board, it is an echo chamber. There is no corporate governance. Who is going to challenge SL?........John Lansdown? Gould? Complete vacuum exists. As has been mentioned previously the silence at the top recently is deafening
  5. Interesting to compare and contrast that statement regarding the situation to the many issued by Quantama. Clear, concise and open and honest. (That is the PNE statement)
  6. Nearly right it is actually "imminently blame everyone else lots" (Possibly)
  7. https://www.est1885.co.uk/latest-news/statement-2
  8. Nail on head. Derby with a clean slate and fresh start in league one must be an attractive proposition although no guarantees as league one looks to be getting ever more competitive
  9. Arguably the most important person in the clubs recent history. Certainly in the last 40 years
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