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  1. Nah......second best to Forbes Phillipson-Masters
  2. Liked what he said about some coaches over complicating things and who were they trying to kid......a vision is no good if you don't know how to get from A to B
  3. There would have to be an exception made in the case of announcing NP. We all know it's not to be believed until it is on the OS
  4. Why would he want to copy Holloway?
  5. I understand your reasoning but disagree. It's not about Murray per se but about the jobs for the boys culture. Tinnion at least went abroad and worked away from the environment for a while before coming back. I think there is a little to much sentimentality through the club at times. E.g....Carey was probably here a season too long. Much as it was great that he broke the appearance record, if that wasnt in sight then its doubtful he would have been around the squad etc. Club needs a new broom and outside ideas. Just my opinion.
  6. That is arguably due to the fact that the academy was completely reformed a few years back. Hopefully the rest of the football operations can be reset in the same way. Needs to be done by people with football expertise though. I'm not sure I trust SL to sanction it though as it will mean admitting that the whole current model (recruitment, training, medical,) is broken
  7. Probably move one of the 'conditioning coaches' onto washing the jock straps. Can probably do less damage there
  8. Much as Scott has been a great servant to the club he also embodies the 'comfy club' malaise. Probably time for him to go to if we are having a new broom
  9. Just dont type 'Bristol's moving in opposite directions ' into a search engine......
  10. I reckon they will be already down by then. Looks like the Pompey game could be the one to confirm the drop
  11. Absolutely no positives at all from that performance. Lacklustre, lazy, no accuracy or tempo. Bentley low on confidence, too many inaccurate passes. No urgency. Crap.
  12. Anyone would think the OS is the only reliable source of news
  13. My 3 would be Kylie, Danni and mel Sykes
  14. I think you could be right.....injuries permitting. This for me is a huge concern with Dasilva.
  15. I think she could do decent job. For me though I think it would be beneficial to be the second woman in the UK to take on a Male EFL/PL team. Being the first you are going to be completely surrounded by a media circus. Once the trailblazer has been appointed then the novelty value will drop off and the only criteria they will be assessed against is football competence.
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