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  1. 3 hours ago, Davefevs said:

    Having looked up the rules I think the exact opposite.

    MM wants to sell and sell quick.  Knows he’s gonna get 9 point deduction.  Derby likely to be in amongst the relegation battle anyway.  9 points lost could be the tipping point.  New buyers are gonna be very sceptical about the price of a Championship club with threat of relegation.  So, go into Administration, take minus 21 and that confirms relegation.  They don’t have a squad capable of 65+ points (44+) that might save them, least of all if the Administrators start selling assets.  So the sell becomes a clean League One proposition…and Mel hopes they find new buyers quickly.  He’s intimated as such.  New owners get to keep some of the squad together.

    Thats my opinion.  Not sure if it makes sense or not.  What do you reckon?

    Nail on head. Derby with a clean slate and fresh start in league one must be an attractive proposition although no guarantees as league one looks to be getting ever more competitive 

  2. Awful awful news. Can only echo the sentiments above. TC was central to the rebirth of this club. To those of us of a certain age he was the boss when we first started following city. Clearly loved the club and a true gent. His teams played some great football too. I challenge anyone to watch back his interview following the 1986 freight rover final and not get a lump in your throat seeing how much it meant to him. RIP Terry

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  3. 2 hours ago, jaydee=inspiration said:

    This thread has made I larf.

    Maybe he should go full on WWE! Full on serial killer stare, then grab the mic and start growling incoherent sentences whilst contorting facial muscles that would make a champion gurner look ordinary!

    Why would he want to copy Holloway?

  4. 6 hours ago, bris red said:

    Decisive action is needed by the board. As has already been said SL will have seen enough now to make a decision, let’s hope he see’s sense and appoints Pearson within the next week - he can then truly start getting to work. 

    The Board? We dont have one anymore. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Tinmans Love Child said:

    Not sure about that, you need a blend across the club of experience and different backgrounds, would you get rid of Tinnion as well for the same reasons?

    I understand your reasoning but disagree. It's not about Murray per se but about the jobs for the boys culture. Tinnion at least went abroad and worked away from the environment for a while before coming back. I think there is a little to much sentimentality through the club at times. E.g....Carey was probably here a season too long. Much as it was great that he broke the appearance record, if that wasnt in sight then its doubtful he would have been around the squad etc. Club needs a new broom and outside ideas. Just my opinion.

  6. 1 hour ago, Fuber said:

    Nevermind the squad. We haven't looked convincing or well coached all of the prior season also, and the season before that. 

    Major review is needed of all non-playing staff. Only area doing arguably well is the academy. 

    That is arguably due to the fact that the academy was completely reformed a few years back. Hopefully the rest of the football operations can be reset in the same way.  Needs to be done by people with football expertise though. I'm not sure I trust SL to sanction it though as it will mean admitting that the whole current model (recruitment, training, medical,) is broken

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  7. 1 hour ago, Marina's Rolls Royce said:

    " a breath of fresh air"? 

    Appoint Scott Murray.

    Much as Scott has been a great servant to the club he also embodies the 'comfy club' malaise. Probably time for him to go to if we are having a new broom

  8. 6 hours ago, In the Net said:

    Both clubs would be good subject matter for an Amazon documentary next season.

    All or Nothing - A Tale of Two Bristols (aka A Tale of Two Titties)

    Just dont type 'Bristol's moving in opposite directions ' into a search engine......

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