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  1. GK-Mercer CD’s -Flint-Webster-Caulker RWB-Ayling LWB-Bryan CM’s-Brownhill-Smith AMC-JET FWD’s-Akinbiyi-Abraham
  2. Watched last night as my daughter didn’t want to go but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall performance, yes we had a couple of weak links as suggested JD not reaching the level we expect and the bad luck of the chances falling to the wrong people but there was a lot more to be positive about in standards being set now compared to last season. Massengo is a breath of fresh air and we need to enjoy watching him whilst he is here as it won’t be long before he’s gone. I’d also like to see Semenyo given time to get match fit before people continue to slate him as I believe he could work really well on the left and Scott on the right if AW is playing off Martin whereas Pring on the left if Martin is playing up top with Wells as I was very impressed with Prings crossing and think we’d need a proper forward thinking striker to get on the end of them.
  3. Is it cheating or are players today too weak to battle on as pretty certain years ago the star/skilled players would take knock after knock and continue to impress? Far too easy now for players to have niggles that keep them out for weeks, especially considering clubs had a squad of 12/13 and then young players.
  4. Genuine question as IMO Barcelona with that team of world class players, same at Bayern Munich and at Man City with those stand out players and a squad of 3 competent teams? Has he progressed young players to be in those squads? At Man City he has bought a team, times 3 and what youth players has he made? Phil Foden maybe or has that lad been held back? Who else has he made from young unknown to world class?
  5. Keep, he’s gone from a 3 or 4/10 player last season to a 5 or 6/10 this and that’s in a woeful performing team with the most embarrassing attacking threat ever seen in the Championship. Can you honestly see him not getting more goals/assists if he’s in a squad that creates 25/30% more chances next season? This year he was our outlet because nobody else was taking responsibility. I genuinely believe he’s been taken out of the team towards the end of this season due to what Pearson said about the detrimental effects suffered by the youngsters being overplayed.
  6. Didn’t Bentley score an own goal this season?
  7. Our problems lie deeper than those that are leaving and more the fact that we have no leaders. If these 14 plus going are replaced by 3/4 determined/focused then we will move forwards, as a squad is only ever going to move in the direction of the ones driving them. This is where we have failed to progress.
  8. Been losing the love for football for quite some time and genuinely started to feel a lot of hatred towards the sport. Football has been far too pampered and players over protected for far too long. I wouldn’t be at all bothered if any clubs decided to leave(good riddance)as long as they are completely expunged from returning. Hopefully this will return the wages back to a respectable level of being sport not jobs and the fans/supporters can pay what is considered a manageable amount for tickets.
  9. To be fair this is going to be pointless in 10-15 years what with kids no longer being taught/allowed to head a ball the technique will be completely forgotten.
  10. Do a Dover, furlough all the players so they don’t get the full pay they aren’t deserving of anyway.
  11. Only player i can remember us possibly comparing Fam to is Akinbiyi, Djuric very much like Torpey and both have the same lengthy time out with injuries. For the record I’d take Akinbiyi over Fam all day long.
  12. If we have a genuine issue with the medical team then that should be priority but if not then every player that’s been out all season/majority of the season should be leaving. We are going to need to be clever with our wages and unable to carry personnel, that would mean Walsh, Baker, Dasilva, O’Dowda and any others that come under the same section. OOC players can go too, we have to be ruthless as there are going to be many options available end of season even players on frees due to other clubs having to free up wages. Pearson will then have the space and money available to build his squad and as he’s stated he’ll be happy to use young players. We have too many lazy, uncaring of BCFC players at the club.
  13. I think the issue with his commanding of the area with crosses is unfortunately down to the fact the defence has not been consistent. Last year we had Williams, Baker both very dominant aerially and probably told Bentley that they would take responsibility, could probably put Kalas (Mawson this season) in with them too. Then this season it’s been two younger probably not so confident with commanding these areas with Moore, Vyner and Marriappa being new, throw in the injuries that have caused these inconsistencies too. If he had a constant pairing that were all used to each other’s roles, strengths and weaknesses then his dominance would improve too. He has been a massive influence on results this season and fingers crossed will continue in this way for as long as we can keep him.
  14. Apparently six people put us to lose 6-0 to Watford today on sky sports super 6! Are we as fans that deluded??!
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