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  1. Went there too to get face mask, told the same
  2. Ditto with yours, keep using the vagasil
  3. Heat of the moment banter, nothing else
  4. 6 game ban and £2000 fine for calling a guy a pokey, think that's a bit harsh! !
  5. I loved that city team, money was tight for my family, and me and mate would walk from southmead to get in at half time when gates were open
  6. Galley and Toshack, were they playing? 2 of my fav players from that time
  7. As Dylan said " the times they are a changing" communication is fluid, i think M A has all the right words, although they maybe buzz words they are lightyears from what we are used too, just look at the results
  8. Up the Table we will go, when we get promotion this is what we'll sing, we all love you we all love you galley/garland is the king oi
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