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  1. 17 home games without a win . Worst in our history and fans are pissed off. Shame on them .
  2. Newport years ago had a bit of a mob . Hope they were ok today showing there bus passes
  3. Bet they filmed their trainers first.
  4. How did Newport get over 1k when Swindon got 700 odd .
  5. You think I’m happy when city lose.
  6. With nearly 3k tickets sold as well
  7. SL is opening asking for investment the man is getting no younger. His son won’t take over . It’s a reality the club will be sold
  8. I like NP . And I’m not disrespecting SL never have and haven’t in this thread.
  9. Honestly I’m not sure mate. It wasn’t a dig of SL by no means. But ME personally the club is in no man’s land. And SL himself has asked for investment. His ownership is coming to an end IMO his son won’t be taking over. So the question is who .
  10. I asked the question is it for a new direction. It’s a healthy debate. Arrogant *****
  11. Grow up. Who wants everyone fired.
  12. Well the man is looking to offload so who shall buy it. It wasn’t a dig if you read it properly. Just a realism
  13. Quite ironic with the sensible city fan . Gashead. But don’t you feel it’s worth debating. Don’t you feel we need a change
  14. Is it time for SL to sell up . Obviously Covid and the millions he has spent are taking its toll . Plus his openness for investment. The club is stagnant at this present time. Who would like new ownership. Not a dig at SL by any means but I feel the club needs a new direction
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