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  1. Really impressed with Cameron Pring. Alex Scott also
  2. Shame the stream is poor. It looks like we are knocking it around really good. I think
  3. Up and running on YouTube. Fair play Exeter
  4. With his other court case hanging over him also .Should he be suspended
  5. What do you want to happen ITN. How do you feel about it
  6. @Lrrr posted the other day it’s live on Exeter’s you tube channel. 1 pm kick off
  7. Embarrassment of a football club in every way . Better off going bust . Fingers crossed
  8. Really like this from Argyle. Would like City to do the same. Need some fresh tunes
  9. Why do rovers fans bang on about themselves being a family club. Besides the obvious. No different to any other football club. Such a strange small fan base
  10. I feel a lot more comfortable with a professional medical team in place. And a pre season under an experienced Manager. I’m going for a mid table 12th
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