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  1. CCTV in operation I know I will spray some graffiti next to the sign
  2. I see it a different way. Yes he didn’t make it with us and we received a smallish fee for him. But the academy have developed him as a footballer and a person who will go on to having a career as a professional footballer. Out of the hundreds of academy players very few go on to be a professional footballers and fewer more end up playing for Bristol City. I expect the club and academy are very proud of George Nurse. Good luck to him
  3. Just had a look . Posters quitting, posters getting banned, mod getting told to quit. All very strange and very needy One thing Joey Barton has done has definitely split their small fanbase . Couple of early defeats for the fewers it will be time to break the popcorn out.
  4. I have been impressed with Cameron Pring this pre season. Good move all around IMO
  5. First look at the ground. It does look like a bit of a prison. Well there’s a reason for that boys
  6. He’s like a basketball player running out before a game then high fiving everyone
  7. People just discussing what they are watching. Haven’t seen people moan. I get friendlies aren’t for everyone but some people do enjoy them. I take it you don’t watch them
  8. Bakinsons penalty was class today against Exeter
  9. Martin is having a shocking couple of minutes
  10. Hope we aren’t using all our penalties up
  11. Not to bad . Lot of possession without really creating much . Impressed with Argyle TV
  12. 6-8 games was encouraging. As for the rest of his tenure not good. Shouldn’t of never got the job. But going back to the squad we had some awful injuries and I stand by my comment we haven’t got a bad squad
  13. Wasn’t a bad squad last season. But the injury list was atrocious. Plus the appointment of Dean Holden
  14. Is this the first game Bristol City fans can attend.
  15. We go again. **** knows what happened then
  16. Safe to say Kalas won’t be captain next season. IMO
  17. Really impressed with Cameron Pring. Alex Scott also
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