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  1. Always a shame when a great has to call it a day .
  2. Over 5 weeks to come up with these two . And Dean Holden . Give me strength
  3. In fairness to them they have both won International tournaments with England youth teams . Which is no mean feat But if true there appointments don’t excite me
  4. The club finally giving him the tribute he deserves. Regardless of the balls up. Enjoy the couple of videos.
  5. Read the responses on the Twitter feed. Club getting loads
  6. Yep. Can only hold my hands up - was told things were progressing. Obviously not! Gregors latest tweet.
  7. This is going down like a lead balloon on social media. I really don’t know what is happening with our club .
  8. Right I will have a go . Thanks Korey for the last 6 years. You have been a fantastic servant to the club and we wish you and your family all the best for the future. Never forget that goal against Man United amongst other memories
  9. Surely the least the club could of done was come out with a statement and give a fitting tribute to a player who has given his all for us over the last 6 years. Not let him go on social media and have to explain himself about his future. Just another own goal by the club IMO
  10. Yet nothing from the club .
  11. WTF is going on . Someone feeding Gregor some bullshit to make him look a dick .
  12. Remember him scoring a hat trick against us when he played for derby. We won 4-3 on a Sunday afternoon. That’s all I really know about this bloke
  13. This is from the ever reliable Bristol post .
  14. Korey Smith new deal close Bristol City are close to agreeing a new deal with central midfielder Korey Smith. The senior Robins midfielder had been rumoured to have been on his way out at Ashton Gate, but talks are progressing between the club and player and there is confidence that a contract extension will soon be agreed. Smith played well as the Robins lost just one of their final five games of the season under Dean Holden.
  15. What a chase . Fantastic test cricket
  16. Didn’t take them 5 weeks of bullshit .
  17. Really like the new no ball technology .
  18. There will be more spin than what the Pakistan bowlers are getting
  19. Certainly not . Just get her some water now and again
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