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  1. Anyway that was quite exciting. Here’s hoping for a bit of excitement down the gate next season.
  2. I know let’s climb on the goalposts and break them.
  3. And the owners of some of these clubs wanted to piss off to some nonsense super league. Idiots
  4. Does make me laugh when rovers crow about attendances . Besides a few 9k plus attendances towards the end of the season they averaged 7.5k at home. 600 less than Wrexham averaged in the conference. Whilst playing teams like Dover and Wealdstone.
  5. Wycombe for me . Wycombe from Bristol 80 miles Sunderland from Bristol 244 miles City fans got enough long journeys
  6. Frank Lampards Everton would be unbearable in the Championship.
  7. Going to be a exciting end of the season in the premiership. Loads to play for
  8. End’s have been switched
  9. Only one team for me just wanted Rangers to win means nothing. Same as I want Real Madrid to beat Liverpool.
  10. Take a while to recover for them IMO. Reckon they could struggle next season.
  11. 2 ex city loan players in the final. Ah that’s what LJ meant
  12. They look all white mind do Frankfurt
  13. That’s a lovely goal. Fair play
  14. Luton better side at the moment
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