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  1. 2-1 Grimsby. Seemed to of lost their way half way through the season. But have come back well and have faced 3 extra times in these play offs. Towler played his part and will be happy for them no doubt
  2. Commentator said at the beginning of the game that there is VAR but no goal line technology. Because they didn’t want to spend the money on it. Seems really strange to me with what is at stake. Come on Ukraine
  3. The National League Play off games this year have all been very enjoyable. Far more enjoyable than the major cup finals this season.
  4. Nowhere as good as last year’s stadium that hosted the final. 1-1 good game
  5. Well done England. We needed that
  6. Solihull Moors v Grimsby Town play off final 3pm today. For anyone interested
  7. Brilliant from England bowlers this morning. Could we?
  8. What a over. Can’t believe Broad gets dropped
  9. 40 years for me. We haven’t had a lot to shout about. But Bristol City is and have been a huge part of my life. And some of the people I have met through watching city are friends for life. Up the City
  10. Because it happens time after time. And if you don’t think losing 5 wickets for 8 runs in a test match is Embarrassing, pathetic, abysmal. Then we obviously have very different opinions
  11. https://twitter.com/shanca01/status/1532113872290820097?s=21&t=Vbziu32l6cx_UwwEd1krlw
  12. Maybe Andy Murray can wear a USA shirt this coming tournament
  13. 24 years since last World Cup for the Scottish. Another tournament sat watching England
  14. Well done Ukraine now beat the Welsh
  15. Excellent news. Been very impressed with him. Calming influence
  16. Tried to upload video but just a blank screen appears Some unbelievable footage from that game last night. Shocking stuff
  17. Wonder if they will come back in for Semenyo
  18. Congratulations to Forest. Unbelievable job done by Steve Cooper. Fair play
  19. 1-1 . Another good goal another good game.
  20. 1-0 Chesterfield. Good goal
  21. I would of liked to seen the likes of Real Madrid and Liverpool banned from European competition for a couple of years. After trying to ruin football for the sake of their own selfishness. It seems to be forgotten about in the media . But it really pissed me off. Pretty sure Real Madrid are still signed up to it.
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