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  1. It seems to me like it was 20/230 years ago,when there always seemed to be 10,even 12 clubs with a chance of promotion,just hope we appoint the right person and are one of the 12.
  2. For me,who ever we appoint has to be Gert smart
  3. Years and years of supporting City is enough to make anyone anxious,wether unnecessary or not RRH
  4. Yep!,got a feeling we’re going lower league up and coming type,that’s not to say it might turn out to be our best ever manager
  5. I would compare CH with Alan Dicks or Gary Johnson,not spectacular football,but well organised,hard to beat with a never say die attitude,and in all my years supporting City,I would say that it’s all most supporters would want us to be.
  6. But not short on experience BF

    Arne Slot

    Depends if they’re normal jeans or skin tight stretchy things like the numpty on the dustbin thread.
  8. Fat blokes of a certain age should never,ever wear stretchy jeans,Especially with a jesters top on.

    Arne Slot

    Would be a gamble though
  10. Even spice couldn’t make me really think that
  11. Anyone else think we’re going to win every game left,win the playoffs,and LJ will be appointed England manager,or is it just me
  12. That’s a ‘Tut Tut‘ from me.
  13. Well that’s it for me,I will not be watching again with him in charge,even though I’ve renewed for next season.
  14. L Dub was more Blue than red, where As Shire was the opposite, more red that blue.
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