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  1. I don’t know if I like that prediction or not.
  2. I remember ‘City til’ I die ‘booming out around the ground,the few Chesterfield fans looked absolutely gobsmacked.The next home game was Huddersfield,I think,and if ever a crowd willed a team on to win this was it,cracking atmosphere,and a2-1 win if I Remember correctly,mind you I could be wrong .
  3. Mini bus driver,kit washer,player,coach, manager,LEGEND!
  4. Being an under 7 team,I’m assuming it’s a mix of boys ands girls.A tough one for the sags.
  5. I find they’re great for scraping ice off my windscreen,
  6. Not really a fan of the song,but if it makes people happy,that’s great.
  7. I’ve heard that she prefers strapped to her front.


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion,including Tommy,as random as it sometimes is.
  9. I reckon that if you put together a collage of all of their players signing on photos down the years,it would look like a lottery syndicate that had forgotten to do it on the day their numbers came in.
  10. I too played on the Downs,when I was about 14,yeah you’re right it would lower the standard of football,and where would the hoardes of blue and white clad numpties stand.
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