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  1. I too played on the Downs,when I was about 14,yeah you’re right it would lower the standard of football,and where would the hoardes of blue and white clad numpties stand.
  2. Right down by the sea walls with no nets on the goal post’s.Strictly Downs League division 4.
  3. They probably will of dropped it first anyway.
  4. That would be a Micky Mouse watch obviously .
  5. They don’t even sit in their stands,because it’s called a stand.
  6. The Fruitcake Stadium,sounds about right.
  7. It seems like a lifetime,and that’s because it is,my whole family were born to it.First game I actually watched was 1968.
  8. He’s in for a shock,it’s not his,she was cheating on him with his/her other brother.
  9. Slight error,it should of been basement fans not fan base.
  10. The look on his face,priceless
  11. It might of been the Evening post that said it,coming to think of it.
  12. It doesn’t help when the club announces it’s sold out though,we all wanted to go but didn’t even try to get tickets in the end.
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