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  1. This,totally unexpected attack,no time to react.What an absolute w*****.
  2. Oh! I don’t know,the whites OK.
  3. I’m amazed at how often some R***** fans come on here
  4. They missed,NOT,off the end of final paragraph.
  5. We’re still waiting from the last time they sang it.
  6. In other news,it has been announced that Bristol City will no longer play,Drink Up thee Cider,as not to upset recovering alcoholic’s. More absolute s*** from the S**.


    Anything other than promotion,stay off the pitch.
  8. Only did a couple of specials,but plenty of regular trains,did all the London clubs in the late seventies,£3.50 return as I recall,£3.50 mind.
  9. How f****** tinpot can you get,it’s Forest Green Rovers FFS
  10. They’re not canals,they’re open sewers.
  11. I’m laughing so much my sides hurt.
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