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    Agreed,although why he should lack confidence is beyond me,he’s got pace ,power and brilliant balance.
  2. With that Sag flag in their end,it must be catching.
  3. As I said,I actually witnessed it.


    Strange what a run in the team will do.
  5. He made a honest mistake,when told that there was a big derby this weekend he naturally assumed it was us and Cardiff.
  6. It all started when they couldn’t find the flush on the Bidet’s
  7. Actually saw the incident as we walked along the top path going back to the car,about 15-20 Cardiff gave it large a couple of hundred City fans,it didn’t end well for them.
  8. Probably spent the whole game asking how the S*** were getting on,thick c***
  9. Are we talking glass or plastic bottles ?
  10. Not in full possession of their faculties,but probably had previously been in possession of a full bag of sniff
  11. Modern man my arse,Scottish men been wearing skirts for hundreds of years


    I don’t know about the ITK’ers,I’m in the haven’t got a clue what’s going on’ers
  13. Your transfer request has been granted!, and mine has too!
  14. Thanks for that,is your nick name ‘Harry the B******’.
  15. As so to be less intrusive,they’ve built it in the style of an old fruit market,who would of thunk it.
  16. Weird isn’t it,I could never stand ABBA,but would find myself singing along to dancing queen
  17. If wasn’t for the fact I never got caught,I’d be in prison.
  18. Thing with starting the chants PSR is the timing,you’ve got to feel it.
  19. When I look in the mirror nowadays,I think my face was actually used to launch a thousand ships.
  20. A disputed throw-in mind
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