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  1. In my opinion the ouncill have made it harder to park around the gate with parking zones yellow lines etc unless you travel by bus your stumped ive heard many say with all the hassell parking I can't be bothered to go.
  2. Oh and knowing there would be a big crowd extra traffic wardens out giving tickets scum council.
  3. Your opinion same players dragged of him odowda each week cant be down to fitness now .
  4. Hes not fit enough to complete a game hes a tryer il give you that .
  5. Hes crap hes a bottler in the tackle thats why he's forever injured I watched him chicken out at Brentford a couple of year ago
  6. Yes shocking day out close to Hull at wembley nightmare days .
  7. One nill down two one up we knocked Rovers out the cup remember that well
  8. Ok look forward to the likes of odowda or Marley watkins type player then whatever floats your boat .
  9. True mate unfortunately in our time of watching city they don't come along that often with skills like them it was a joy to watch wasnt it .
  10. Yes all these types of players were a joy to watch on their day but jacki was something else when Andy Cole states one of the best he's played with that should tell you how good he was .
  11. Not being funny who would you rather watch him or what you got now ?
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