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  1. Yes spot on all about opinions would class both johnsons as nearly men he was asked if he needed another striker by lansdown he said no im Happy with my family what could have been eh .
  2. City v Carlisle 1960 my grandad and uncle open end crackers corner not a smoker but the wiff of tobacco across that ground 6yrs old .
  3. Couldn't agree terms and wanted his own backroom staff not happening.
  4. 60 years a couple of highs but a lot of lows Took me bruv who took his son Red .
  5. Didnt like his comments about Bristol came across as billy big bolloxs but a half decent striker .
  6. The nearly men father and son Torquay top all season then fade and die .
  7. How the hell is he still bullshitting and in a job .
  8. Brentford Blackpool forest green but not looking good .
  9. Nah one good game in five on the treatment table for ten .
  10. True the feel good factor went when cotterell left and johnson arrived .
  11. My Tranmere mate that i met in prenton arms when city last played them must be a few year now reckons palios is take take take out the club ?.
  12. Great weekend in sheffield again west street tops for a night out .
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