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  1. Be interesting to see where he ends up :laugh:
  2. Agree mate he was fooking awful nagative tosser
  3. Nice one mate he seems very level headed its a change for us to finally get the right type of guy in no more bluffers at least we will hopefully challenge now and make a serious effort to reach the big time .
  4. Yrs he was a good kid plenty of promise i prefer him over Hunt anyday.
  5. Exactly we need a named manager that has done it not another wannabee
  6. Another big name to get the fans excited
  7. If i was trying to sell season tickets i wouldnt be telling people i was bringing in Appleton
  8. Big name but Everton hated his footy.
  9. I did like Barry Davies these women panelists do my nut in should stick to the washing .
  10. Without doubt cant fault his effort.
  11. Same here just had two years of shit football this would finish me off.
  12. wouldnt surprise me though with our board .
  13. Is long as its not Appleton.
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